Ugh, taxes. Every April, the entire grownup population of the United States transforms into one massive cliche of adulthood. And we can all agree that that's embarrassing. What we can't agree on is how high tax rates should be, how those rates should be distributed, and how the collected money should be spent. These issues are at the core of the biggest difference between Democrats and Republicans. Simply put: According to the Democrats, the Republicans favor letting our nation's poor starve to death and privatizing public restrooms, while ,according to the Republicans, the Democrats favor giving every illegal immigrant a mansion and putting every citizen on welfare. Both parties, however, agree that writing off part of your housing as a "home office" isn't going to raise any eyebrows at the IRS, right? [[[readmore]]] *Why Republicans Should Love High Taxes:* Because every year at tax time the most socially liberal people in this country momentarily consider voting Republican when they see 35% of their money taken away. *But Seriously:* Did I fill out that I-9 correctly? What exactly is a "head of household" and can I be one if I live in a studio apartment with four buddies of mine from college? Answer: Yes, until you get audited.

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