15. Little Girl Smash

I've seen enough horror movies to know better than to assume this is a staged photo, so I'd like to take this moment to congratulate this little girl both on her inclusion in this year-end list, and on her future role as "Great Fancy Queen of America".

14. Horses Give Each Other a Fist Bump

"Yo bro, nice job on that elegant canter earlier." "Thanks bro." – It's too bad horses can't talk, because the odds are some of them would totally be jocks, and we'd get to hear conversations like this all the time.

13. Dear Person in My Bed

All too often these days, a drunk guy at a party is an excuse for a mean-spirited viral prank, or at the very least a withering eye-roll. This letter breaks the mold, mixing true human decency in with just the right amount of public humiliation anyway because, hey, know when to say when, Kenny.

12. Strange Anti-Drug Ad

Right off the bat, it's important to note that it's a pretty straightforward and believable story if we decide to believe that, yes, this woman threw her poop around during an acid trip. Stranger things have happened. Like the copy writer for this ad not getting fired immediately and sent to prison, for example.

11. Ikea Monkey

He came to us late in the year, gift-wrapped to perfection in a tiny winter coat, waddling his way through a parking lot and into a canadian Ikea. It was the perfect internet christmas miracle, were it not for the crippling illegality of its ownership being outed. He's in a special facility now, meaning any chance of seeing him in an ill-fitting coat (that isn't a white lab one) is slim to none. Thanks for the memories.