Thats My Boy

15. Thats My Boy

Andy Samberg's first post-SNL movie outing was a disappointment, if you're going by critical consensus or Teen Choice Awards nominations. A solid 15th place in the search for 2012's funniest movie ought to tide him over until he learns to stop returning Adam Sandler's calls.

Pitch Perfect

14. Pitch Perfect

A movie about college A cappella impressing literally one person is a goddamn miracle, especially since Glee destroyed any goodwill any of us ever had towards plucky young misfit singers. 


13. Wanderlust

Weird hippy communes have been a classic comedy staple for years. Just like that LOST episode where Locke was hanging out on that weed farm and nearly shot a kid. If the great script and perfect cast didn't win us over, the promise of wacky fish-out-of-water antics and the ever-present possibility of awesome nudity did. 

Silver Linings Playbook

12. Silver Linings Playbook

"Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper deal with mental illness and dance a lot" would be a much tougher sell for a movie if it wasn't also hilarious/we lived in a universe wherein Lawrence and Cooper aren't red-hot 11s we would like to watch have sex very much, please.

Jeff Who Lives At Home

11. Jeff Who Lives At Home

That's right, the new boss from The Office and the shlub friend from How I Met Your Mother have finally broken onto the big screen. Who'd have pegged these two guys for Hollywood success in 2012? It was as difficult to foresee as it is difficult for me to correctly research extremely established actors on IMDB.