15. Lego Zombie Minifigure

"Zombie" is a kind of played-out costume genre these days, especially with the amazing kinds of costumes our generation's newfound creativity affords us/the total lack of need to wear a costume our generation's deeply ingrained apathy affords us. With that in mind, it's wonderful to see this level of effort being made by someone, particularly when that someone only apparently had to come up with a better idea than "mime".

Lego Men

14. Lego Men

"Lego something" costumes already lead this toplist by an incredible 100%. It's easy to see why: they're simple to make, they look impressive, and don't limit socialising too badly (as long as you get your measurements right and make sure you can click a beer can into one of your hands). And hey! It's only, like, a quarter racist.

Banksy Flower Thrower

13. Banksy Flower Thrower

It's an artistically impressive costume, no doubt. By far the best things about it, though, is the level of commitment this guy needed to pull it off all night. It's real hard to talk to people or smooch babes when what you "are" means nothing to anyone unless you're perfectly poised, alone, next to a brick wall. Which I often am at parties. If you're reading this, guy in the picture, please message me about borrowing your costume.

Mr Monopoly

12. Mr Monopoly

The best part of dressing as a classic children's board game mascot has got to imagining what sordid behavior he gets up to when freed from the tyranny of his square piece of cardboard, and this Mr. Monopoly does not disappoint. After all, he's got to do something with all those one-dollar bills, given how completely useless they are in the game of Monopoly itself. May as well make it rain on dem hoes.

Edward Scissorhands

11. Edward Scissorhands

It's always a risk to dress up like a character made famous by Johnny Depp. Half the people you meet at the party will be disappointed in the sex appeal they associate with your costume and which you will undoubtedly lack. The other half will rightfully think you look weird and creepy. Nevertheless, with the obvious effort this guy put forth coupled with those dark, sad eyes, this Edward Scissorhands is ticking all the right boxes. Figuratively. You can't hold a pen with those crazy monster gloves.