Milky Way

15. Milky Way

The US version of the Milky Way is what any other country would call a Mars Bar, meaning that a. there are different but equally delicious varieties of this one candy out there to be consumed, and b. Whoever's in charge over at the Mars company is a total idiot who loves Space.


14. Crunch

God bless Crunch, which presented humanity with easily the best way to enjoy cereal (used as a secondary ingredient to a bunch of chocolate). As a general rule, loud foods are annoying, but with something this delicious, I'm just glad I don't have to scream "I'M EATING A CRUNCH BAR" every five minutes for people to know.

Gummy Bears

13. Gummy Bears

Gummy bears allegedly come in different flavors, but anyone whose favourite way of enjoying them is cramming a handful of these bad boys into their mouths (read: everyone) knows that they come in just one: chewy sugary delicious goodness. Gummy Bears satisfies not only that part within us all that enjoys good food, but also the part that loves cute, tiny animals. And then mercilessly devouring them in an orgy of empty calories.

Hershey Bar

12. Hershey Bar

Let's face it: there's no way the Hershey Bar was getting onto this list if it weren't for the s'more, humanity's answer to the questions "what's ONE good thing about camping?" It still makes a pretty god case for its solo work, though, what with the whole being-nothing-but-chocolate thing. Why didn't anyone else think of that?


11. Butterfinger

Enjoyed by normal people at the movie theater and total freaks who aren't at the movie theater alike, Butterfingers fly in the face of what's considered a "good" texture or name for a candy bar, while at the same time being impossible to stop eating as soon as you start. Despite its obvious popularity, the candy is famous for frequently being derided by The Simpsons. But so is Citizen Kane, so it's fine.