MILF Island 30 Rock

15. MILF Island (30 Rock)

Perhaps the best/scariest thing about MILF Island is that, within this top 15, it's the most likely show to actually exist. The basic premise-"25 Super-Hot Moms, 50 eighth grade boys, no rules"-feels creepily executable, and ashamedly watchable. MILF Island also spins-off another show within a show, when popular MILF Deborah gets her own TV deal. It's depressing how badly I want to know what that show was like.

Handi Quacks Family Guy

14. Handi Quacks (Family Guy)

Handi Quacks feels almost like a reflexive imitation of what some people still think of Family Guy as entertainment: crude characters, bad animation, and lazy writing. But does that sound like a show capable of coming up with the character name "Poopyface Tomatonose"? Well, fine. It was still pretty good.

Gumbel 2 Gumbel: Beach Justice Family Guy

13. Gumbel 2 Gumbel: Beach Justice (Family Guy)

Family Guy's duet of fun fake shows concludes with a parody I in no way had to visit 5 different wikipedia pages for before figuring it out. The show stars Greg Gumbel and Bryant Gumbel as themselves, enforcing violent retribution as beach police. Which is way better than what they do in real life. Which is apparently sportcasting.

Jerry Seinfeld

12. Jerry (Seinfeld)

The expanded Seinfeld/Curb universe plays host to, like, a billion levels of shows-within-shows. We never see what "Jerry" really becomes, but something tells me it'd be a lot like Seinfeld. And a lot like the Seinfeld in Curb Your Enthusiasm. We can only imagine how different the character's lives would have changed if "Jerry" succeeded, but one thing's for sure: It's a good thing it didn't, because nothing's creepier than George being happy.

Bitch Hunter 30 Rock

11. Bitch Hunter (30 Rock)

The title of this show is so perfect, I can only imagine it came about during an all-nighter 30 Rock writer's meeting, and at the stroke of midnight, they spontaneously stood up in unison and howled "BITCH HUNTER" at the moon. Will Ferrell's Bitch Hunter is a man of simple pleasures: bursting into a room full of women (examples in the pilot include a female bathroom and a bridal shower) and, well, hunting them. The very concept of it is universally agreed to have been a bad idea, but I get the feeling NBC is one more Community delay away from giving it a shot.