10. Beagle

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself as a dog lover is do you prefer floppy or pointy ears? Beagles definitely lead the charge for "floppy", not only because the sight of their ears dancing in the wind on a cool September morning, when there's dew on the ground and a ghostly mist in the woods ahead, is food for the soul. But also Snoopy's a Beagle, and he's cute as fuck.


9. Corgi

Corgis have been experiencing a boom in popularity recently. It's no surprise, given how ridiculously cute and friendly they are. Corgis are also the furry faces of England's Royal Family, and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us. Except for that whole monarchy thing to begin with. And the intermarrying stuff. And haggis. On second thoughts, just give us the dogs and get back to your weird little island.

St Bernard

8. St Bernard

It's hard seeing a St. Bernard and not imagining a terrible incident at the dog factory that caused what should have been a pretty cool, regular dog to become this insanely huge, shaggy, dog-bear hybrid. St. Bernards belong to a class of breeds known as "Giant Dogs" which definitely seems like something people should be discussing more/all the time.

Australian Shepherd

7. Australian Shepherd

Amanda Seyfried owns an Australian Shepherd, presumably not just because they share initials, but because they're gentle, loyal, hard working, and often have that cool thing where both eyes are different colours. They're a great choice as a companion dog, especially if you're maybe a little lonely and don't date as much as you'd want to. I get it, being a successful actress gets in the way of things you might really want sometimes, such as a manageable and meaningful relationship with someone who really gets where you're coming from/loves Australian Shepherds (which I do!)/maintains his professional integrity at every turn.

Bernese Mountain Dog

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

Imagine it: You're stranded alone, at the very top of a treacherous mountain. It's been three days since you saw anyone from your group, and four days since you looked your best friend in the eye as he fell from the summit into the snowy depths below. You're cold, hungry, and about to gnaw off your arms 127-hours-style, not because they're stuck anywhere but you're just super bored. Suddenly, over bounds a Bernese Mountain Dog, lumbering up to your side with a cask of whisky round its neck and a sack of hamburgers. That's the kind of dog this is.