20. Wonderland

Wonderland's one of those places you really loved as a kid, then went back once you'd grown up and wondered what all the fuss was about. Has it always been this cloudy? And, jesus, Tim Burton, The Smoking Caterpillar was the best bit! How did you ruin that?

Mushroom Kingdom

19. Mushroom Kingdom

Living under the constant threat of being kidnapped by a giant turtle dinosaur aside, the Mushroom Kingdom is one happy, whimsical place to be. It's perfect. Are you still going on about the giant evil turtle dinosaur? let it go, man.

Bikini Bottom

18. Bikini Bottom

Warm, beautiful, and plenty to do. Bikini Bottom is pretty much paradise, and would probably have topped this list if it weren't for that one creepy fry cook. What's her DEAL?


17. Quahog

Since nobody really knows anything about Rhode Island, except that it very probably might not even really exist, it came as a surprise to learn that Quahog is not an actual place in Rhode Island. Are you seriously telling me No-one's made Adam West their mayor yet? Come on!

The Grid

16. The Grid

As long as you don't mind the freaky death games and the fact that it's always night you- hang on, are we sure The Grid's fictional and not just in Iceland?