25. Azeroth

Ever since his explosive debut, "I Love College", this R&B darling has been wowing audiences worldwide with continued success and acclaimed albums. Once a star in the making, this young man is now a staple of American music now and (hopefully!) for years to come.


24. Agrabah

It's probably not the friendliest location on this list, what with the evil snake wizards and golden lava caves and all, but at least the guards sing while they try to cut off your hands! It's fun!


23. Oz

Oz's sprawling beauty and the diversity in its lifeforms make for a pleasant, if dangerous, destination. It's just a shame the good witch spends most of her time hanging out with some weird tiny people when there's obviously, like, a seriously evil one causing havoc. Also, getting to/from seems a little convoluted.


22. Metropolis

A perfectly nice New York surrogate, not nearly as grimy as that other one. Since Superman's kind of obviously the best, people in Metropolis only really need to worry about petty crime. And the future of print journalism.


21. Neverland

Also known as "Never Never Land", which is silly and confusing but whatever. It's actually a pretty dangerous place, with pirates and crocodiles seemingly everywhere. Who decided this was a good place to leave children unattended?