15. Dimples

Dimples are a dent in the skin of someone's face, and in the emotional armor of someone trying not to fall in love with him. Don't fight it. You've already lost.


14. Shoulders

Good, strong shoulders are great because they're needed to carry things like DIY supplies, groceries for a delicious home-cooked meal, and you, should you be feeling ill/sleepy.

Being a really calm, good driver

13. Being a really calm, good driver

A guy who can keep his cool behind the wheel is a guy who can keep his cool in all kinds of situations. But we're talking about driving right now. Read the heading and stop changing the subject already.


12. Lips

Good lips can be used for any variety of things, all of them extremely sexy and attractive. Bad lips can and will only be used to verbally question your life decisions, so steer clear.


11. Butts

Guy's butts don't come under nearly as much scrutiny as those of their female counterparts. If this list is anything to go by (which, and I cannot stress this enough, it is) then that's because they simply aren't as good. Step it up, dudes.