15. Glasses

Good news for everyone who's just been sitting and waiting for their vision impairment to pay off: this is your time.

Being flexible

14. Being flexible

Flexibility: a sexy turn on in terms of physicality, but I also like to think this includes being open to MY suggestion of which movie to see tonight. Ruby Sparks looks good! Let's try it!

Long hair

13. Long hair

Forget to schedule a hair appointment this month? Good. Long hair's sexy. The longer the sexier, so don't even THINK of ever getting your hair cut again. Longer. Longer, I say!

A subtle foreign accent only if authentic

12. A subtle foreign accent only if authentic

Being from somewhere far away is hot, because it means you're different and mysterious and probably haven't heard many lame pick-up lines yet.


11. Lips

A good set of lips indicates great kissing ability, and that's sexy. It also indicates that you're not a snake or anything, which, again, is a plus.