Brockian Ultra Cricket

25. Brockian Ultra Cricket

While the rules for Brockian Ultra Cricket remain somewhat fuzzy, the game remains as titillating and exhilarating as ever before. I assume. That wall is really high, guys.


24. Rollerball

I know, I know. It's hard to imagine a sport MORE exciting than roller derby, but hold off on your furious dissent until you discover that the game is also played using motorcycles and spiked body armor AND LL Cool J starred in the 2002 remake.

Running Man

23. Running Man

The game in which you try to get people not to kill you. So pretty much like regular life, except, you know how easy stuff's harder to do once you start thinking about it? 

Skeet Surfing Top Secret!

22. Skeet Surfing

Notable for its (assumed) devastatingly large death count, Skeet Surfing combines two sports that are more than the sum of their parts. In terms of how many people die during those two games.

Flamingo Croquet

21. Flamingo Croquet

Sure, Flamingo Croquet looks like it sucks for the flamingos, but I feel more sorry for those cute little creatures they use as the balls. What are those, like, little bears? Voles? I guess they kind of look like… dogs or something. Well I'm not waiting around to find out. Done caring. Fuck 'em.