Chocolate Therapy

25. Chocolate Therapy

- Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate pudding swirls

Eating this sounds amazing and all, but were the terrible life decisions you obviously made to lead you here worth it?


24. Strawberry

A classic, if not as appreciated as the other members of its Neapolitan brotherhood, strawberry fulfills that need within all of us to just kick back with a simple flavor with all the added fun of having to then explain why you didn't just go for vanilla.


23. Vanilla

See? It's better.

Chunky Monkey

22. Chunky Monkey

- Banana ice cream, fudge chunks, walnuts

"Trust me on this" is a phrase probably banded about at ice cream companies all the time, and probably never so more than during the pitch of Chunky Monkey. Luckily a cloaked old man appeared from the shadows during the meeting, pointed at the intern who suggested it, and yelled, "HE HAS THE GIFT." And the rest is equally legitimate history.


21. Smores

- Chocolate ice cream, fudge chunks, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker swirls

Some things just make perfect sense: reclining chairs, Arrested Development coming back, and ice cream that tastes like s'mores.