Supersizing Items at McDonalds

25. Supersizing Items at McDonalds

There was a time a man could lift himself out of modern day drudgery, at least temporarily, and enjoy a feast the quality and quantity of which has only ever before been enjoyed by the inhabitants of Olympus themselves. Then Morgan Spurlock made a stupid movie and ruined the fun for everybody.

Early Quentin Tarantino

24. Early Quentin Tarantino

There was a time when the most prominent thing about Quentin Tarantino wasn't his brand of stylish ultra-violence (it was probably his chin, anyway) and when the term "Tarantino Dialogue" just meant Tim Roth swearing. Those were the days. The lower-resolution, honestly-slightly-worse days.


23. Dunkaroos

There was nothing more satisfying in the 90s than pulling back that plastic film to reveal a bunch of over-processed cookies to dip in a reservoir of Americanly sugary frosting. This is also a good time to mention that Dunkaroos still very much exist and are still very much delicious.


22. Pogs

Pogs filled that gap in the market for people who liked obsessively collecting useless sponsored trinkets, but found trading cards a little too flimsy. We can only hope for a revival sometime in the near future, because imagine how cool Avengers Pogs would look.

Sega Dreamcast

21. Sega Dreamcast

If anything, just talking about the Dreamcast was the most fun thing about it. Whether you were lining up at midnight, or knew someone who was lining up at midnight, or made friends with that kid you hated but you knew he'd definitely be lining up at midnight, the part you'll always remember is the hard, hard fall of the Dreamcast just months later.