Hank Hill- King of the Hill

25. Hank Hill- King of the Hill

For a guy who spends most of the day standing on the curb with his friends, Hank Hill's a pretty available father figure.

Dexter Morgan- Dexter

24. Dexter Morgan- Dexter

Fatherhood is tough, and one would imagine it gets much tougher when you need to balance being a single parent with being a psychopath monstrosity. If that doesn't sound bad enough, Dexter also lives in Miami. Give the guy a break.

Ray Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond

23. Ray Barone- Everybody Loves Raymond

With his nasally voice and constant coupling of a tee shirt and an unbuttoned flannel, Ray Barone was definitely a relatable dad. Even though his overbearing parents and brother left him with barely any time to parent, he certainly loved those inexplicably blonde children. I mean, show me another dad who would physically fight a girl scout leader?

Fred Flintstone- The Flintstones

22. Fred Flintstone- The Flintstones

Fred Flinstone's at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to providing for his family, considering he's a few years out of touch with most modern dads. To his credit, his daughter wasn't even born until halfway through the series. Through the determination to keep a roof over her head and a dinosaur-powered (probably) grill cooking, Fred turned out to be a little ahead of his time.

Cameron Tucker- Modern Family

21. Cameron Tucker- Modern Family

Fatherhood suits Cameron like a third skin (his second skin being the clown suit of his superb and classically trained alter ego, Fizbo). Cameron's various artistic talents, his gentle approach, and warm maternal instincts enable him to embrace fatherhood with a panache and femininity Mitchell and many other television fathers have yet to access. And how many other dads focus on fatherhood 24/7? As this list's only official stay-at-home dad, Cameron's dedication to fatherhood has earned him his rightful place as one of TV's best Dads.