We asked, you voted. Here are the 25 worst jobs.

Gas Station Attendant

25. Gas Station Attendant

Average Salary: $15k-$24kIf getting belittled by drunk high school students/robbed is your thing, you'll love being a gas station attendant, which provides all the fun of a retail job with the added perks of free lukewarm, day-old hot dogs whenever you want, plus the bonuses paid to you in however many M&Ms you can stuff into your pockets.

Grave Digger

24. Grave Digger

Average Salary: $16k-$54kIt's probably hard to enjoy work, and, you know, your life, when you spend your days digging holes which dead bodies will shortly be flung into. Still, at least you're not a grave digger's assistant. Right?

Traveling Salesman

23. Traveling Salesman

Average Salary: $18k-$86kSlow down, guy! We're not talking the inexplicably put together man's man kind of traveling salesman, we're talking the sad, world-weary, Death of a Salesman kind. The kind who shows up at your door and sells a $4 brush or something, because you just can't stand to see him like that.

Lindsay Lohans Personal Assistant

22. Lindsay Lohan's Personal Assistant

Average Salary: $20k-$62kTo an outside observer, Lindsay Lohan represents a fascinating, heartbreaking psychological study on the effects of fame and stress on an individual too young/emotionally ill-equipped to handle it. To her personal assistant, she probably represents that time she fired a gun into a Jamba Juice ceiling, again.

Elementary School Janitor

21. Elementary School Janitor

Average Salary: $16k-$37kThere's nothing quite like being in the presence of children whose minds are still being molded so that they might one day grow up and lead us into a glorious new age once they're done peeing and throwing up everywhere.