We all know how easy it is to make fun of anti-vaxxers, but it takes some harsh insults to really show 'em what dumb hot dogs they truly are. We can guarantee these people have not been vaccinated against sick burns so we're sorry to say these roasts may be terminal. Which is fine because stupidity was killing them anyway. 

1. Very good answer, sir. 

anti vaxxer roasts: autistic redditor

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2. I know more than doctors, I've ready mommy blogs!

anti vaxxer roasts: know forensic science via forensic files

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3. But it sure tastes good. 

anti vaxxer roasts: vaccinate your kids

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4. My name is Anita Vaccines, Mr. Bond. 

anti vaxxer roasts: bond villain pro vaxxing

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5. They were just waiting for the big payoff 100 years later. 

anti vaxxer roasts: proftiable vaccines

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6. This insult needs to be applied to more idiots. 

anti vaxxer roasts: plague ended without vaccine

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7. Guess you won't be needing these *take glasses and stomps them*. 

anti vaxxer roasts: no artificial interference, except glasses

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8. I AM A GOD!

anti vaxxer roasts: im still alive so death is a myth

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9. Bullet proof logic. 

anti vaxxer roasts: vaccine logic

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10. Come the fuck on, Carol. 

anti vaxxer roasts: what did people do before vaccines? they died

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