It may be frustrating and dumb, but you you can't argue with these technicalities. Yes, it may be correct because the fact is literal, but that still makes it a truth in some sense. What we're saying is you're not gonna win this argument in a court of law. Even judges are throwing their hands in the air screaming "I MEAN, YEAH, I FUCKING GUESS" while bashing themselves in the head with their gavel. 

1. I take those babies everywhere with me. 

technically true facts: car keys have traveled further than your car

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2. Yes, yes they are. 

technically true facts: whales are big!

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3. Ham shaming is a real thing. 

technically true facts: ham is an s and an e away from shame

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4. The real question is why are you buying so many caterpillars. 

technically true facts: buying caterpillars always gives me butterflies

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5. I mean, the man has a point. 

technically true facts: no legs mean his legs cant hurt

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6. May I offer you some hamster eggs in these trying times?

technically true facts: never ate hamster eggs

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7. Make her go WILD in less than a second. 

technically true facts: make her wet by throwing water ></p>
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8. "Hello Rob!" 

technically true facts: a person from london called roger

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9. Thank you for telling me what I ALREADY KNOW.

technically true facts: player name unavailable is unavailable

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10. Correct, that is how winning and losing works. 

technically true facts: pakistan always wins when india loses

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11. And he did a damn good job. 

technically true facts: not technically bald

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12. How many bones is the average amount, tho?

technically true facts: average body has enough bones to form an entire skeleton

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13. Can't argue with #1. 

technically true facts: best country in the nation

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14. YIKES.

technically true facts: morgue cremation pun

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