It's the most wonderful time of the year: the smell of new marble notebooks (you kids still use those right?) the sound of cracking open a fresh pack of no. 2 pencils (you kids still use those, right?!) and the undeniable sense of dread looming over your noggin as you already start procrastinating on your first homework assignment. 

Did we say wonderful? We meant awful. School's back in session and everything is awful. Luckily, these memes can serve as a great distraction during your first class. 

1. Send help. 

back to school memes: wtf is going ></p>
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2. Hi, My name is Michael, I'm an aspiring D.J. 

back to school memes: spongebob meme share something about yourself

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3. Nothing wrong with preparing for the future.

back to school memes: despair during physics lecture

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4. I have a Ph.D in Best Boys. 

back to school memes: dog lecturer

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5. Et tu, Darrell?

back to school memes: partner grading tiger woods meme

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6. How am I already this behind?!

back to school memes: syllabus week vs second week

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7. Go to hell, Karen. 

back to school memes: kid who asks for homework

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8. Hello darkness my old friend. 

back to school memes: spongebob

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9. I don't even have 1 highlighter. 

back to school memes: overachiever screwed for a test

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10. Hell yeah, I see you. 

back to school memes: working with a partner

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11. I have abs now, but I still haven't finished analyzing "The Things They Carried". 

back to school memes: procrastination

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12. Hey, a week is a long fucking time to be put together. 

back to school memes: first vs second week of school

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13. Just a little vodka to wash down the failure. 

back to school memes: stewie family guy procrastination