We all know there's an entire sect of stay-at-home parents who have fallen into the cult of "anti-vaxxers". You know, the people who think that vaccinations cause autism because of all the ~*scary chemicals*~ that most of us just refer to as "modern medicine".

They love to talk about how they go around persuading doctors they're more knowledgable about the medical field than the person who spent most of their life in school learning how to make sure your kid doesn't die of the measels at the age of 4 (uh, these parents went to the school of MommyBlogger87, so yeah, they know their shit).

What we're trying to say is: shut up, your child is giving other children diseases cured 50 years ago and you suck. 

1. This definitely happened, no questions asked. 

social media anti vaxxers: nurse recounts

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2. Tell that to all the infants who died from rubella, I guess. 

social media anti vaxxers

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3. I don't vaccinate my kids because of the blogs I read on the internet! But I can't find that proof right now 'cause the government controls the internet. 

social media anti vaxxers: gov't control of internet censors anti-vax literature

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4. This isn't a real head-scratcher, Diane. 

social media anti vaxxers: new anti vaxxer doesn't want to use 'scholarly' resources

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5. Let me tell you a little about your own personal lifetime, grandma. 

social media anti vaxxers

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social media anti vaxxers

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7. I mean, who needs to hear anyway?

social media anti vaxxers: deafness isn't that big of a deal

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8. Okay, have you tried rubbing fish oil on the left side of his body after praying to the God of Rashes to draw out the toxins?

social media anti vaxxers: rash id for unvaccinated kid

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9. Are you sure you weren't just talking to a grocery store employee?

social media anti vaxxers: dr gives fruit not vaccines

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10. Did you get your degree from the School of I Read a Blog Post Once?

social media anti vaxxers: vaccine debate

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11. You paid off a corrupt officer so your kid could be put at risk for getting the yellow fever. Makes sense. 

social media anti vaxxers: travel to ghana

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12. Woah, we gotta a smarty-pants over here. 

social media anti vaxxers: facebook rant

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