Whether you realize it or not, we're living in something of a dystopian society. On the outside, things appear pretty solid - we've got lots of neat technology, there are far more democratic countries in the world, and we've got ample amounts of food, water, and energy. But it doesn't take too much of a closer look to see the cracks - massive poverty, a state of constant war in huge sections of the world, millions dying yearly due to lack of accessible healthcare, waste beyond comprehension, and much of the actual decision-making in the world seems to be handled by unelected wealthy businessmen. Basically, we're living in RoboCop future.

...except, unlike RoboCop's future, our present day is EXTREMELY boring. Like, we have all the grim realities of a dystopia but without any of the cool stuff. No cyborgs or rad future slang or anything like that - instead we're getting into Twitter arguments all day about our reality show president, working "gig" jobs on dog-walking apps, and generally just muddling through an extremely mediocre brink-of-civilization world. No one has any money, corporations run everything, and WE DON'T EVEN GET TO BE MURDERED BY BADASS SUPER-BOTS.

We are nothing but worker ants, except with less dignity

we live in a lame dystopia: walmart color coding

Lakesrr / Reddit

Wow, just look at all the freedom offered by Wal-Mart, one of the largest employers in the United States! You can wear any color from "blue" to "dark blue". Working there is like working on a rainbow! It may seem like an exagerration to compare this to a dystopian workplace, but the premise is similar - Wal-Mart wants no variation, no uniqueness, just people looking identical, acting unnaturally friendly, and working for the least amount of money and benefits possible

What are the poor but pawns for the rich? The way things are going, having the wealthy "rent the bodies" of low-level workers shouldn't seem THAT ridiculous.

we live in a lame dystopia: you cant retire buy these boots

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And here's the real kicker - the idea of retirement may soon be gone. Most millennials see no possibility of them ever being able to retire, as wages are too low (or non-existent) while rent and costs of living are simply too high to ever build up any savings.

Corporations control every aspect of life

we live in a lame dystopia: corporate fortune cookie

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Many would argue we're living in a world where corporations have a greater influence over the workings of the world than actual governments or politicians - and given the billion-dollar donor class most politicians around the world depend on to get elected, that's a pretty fair assumption to make. Still, couldn't they be a little less OBVIOUS about it? Can't we just have regular fortune cookie fortunes?

And, honestly, this is just rubbing it in our faces. BP oil sponsoring the Gulf of Mexico?! YOU HAVE LITERALLY DONE MORE TO POISON THE GULF OF MEXICO THAN ANY ORGANIZATION IN HISTORY.

we live in a lame dystopia: bp sponsored gulf of mexico exhibit

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It's just embarrassing

we live in a lame dystopia: join the navy and play pokemon

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The contempt the organizations and individuals in power treat everyone beneath them is just kinda degrading. It's not a cool brutal dystopia where they try to forcibly grind down the populace and maybe have to contend with a secretive resistance - instead, everyone's been left feeling powerless while being lured into a life of military service by mobile game apps. Remember Starship Troopers? At least those propaganda-style posters encouraging people to join the war effort made it sound cool and inspiring, not treating everyone like a bunch of babies who wanted to catch virtual monsters on their phone.

Well, at least we can try to win virtual followers so we can gain access to take photos in front of corporate-sponsored art.