All your life you're told that the devil is bad and god is good, but if you really think about it, heaven seems boring AF. Like, cool I get to hang with Aunt Janette and Uncle Mel for eternity. 

Wouldn't you rather go down below with all the dead rockers and rebels so you can party with Satan in his lit hell mansion filled with drugs and hookers? If you still don't feel totally convinced, here's some further proof that Lucifer is the ultimate Fun Time Party Planner.

Just check out his Tweets and tell us you don't want to hang 666 with the devil. 

1. Fuck you, dad!

2. You do you, J-man. 

3. Let's do this. 

4. Okay, even Satan has to draw the line somewhere. 

5. Only self-love in hell!

6. Please come back, Satan. 

7. Bible 2: It's Getting Hot in Here 

8. Whether we get Satan or Hellboy, we win either way. 

9. Put yourself first!

10. Who do you wanna hang with, your grandparents or Jim Morrison?

11. He got your back. 

12. Stop making excuses for your bad behavior. 

13. Hell yeah.

14. Get the facts straight, motherfuckers.  

15. Misery loves company. 

16. TRUTH.