artists share their rejections: the office


Rejection hits hard, particularly for artists submitting creative works - because every creative work you endeavor to create (be it a screenplay, a poem, a song, a book, an article, etc.) requires some level of passion and for you to insert a part of yourself into it, so it's like you've exposed yourself and allowed yourself to be vulnerable, only to be slapped away. It's (probably) even worse for actors and actresses, because THEY THEMSELVES are the 'things' being rejected - oftentimes for physical features they can't change or things like "just not being a big enough name yet" (cue the old joke about intern positions requiring 2 years of experience - HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GET EXPERIENCE IF THE STARTING POSITIONS REQUIRE EXPERIENCE?!).

In short, rejection sucks....but there's hope. Every great artist, actor, or really anyone in any field who's found some measure of success started out their careers facing rejection after rejection. The people you look up to the most were once at the bottom of the totem pole, just like you - they were brushed aside and dismissed just as readily as anyone. But it made them harder and stronger, it made their work better, and now they can look back on those rejections as just a small bump in the road. It shows that there's hope for everyone, no matter how bleak things may seem. That's why the recent trending hashtag #ShareYourRejections was so cool to read through - a nice reminder that there's a light on the other side.

(of course, not everyone "makes it" in their desired fields, and sometimes rejections only give way to MORE rejections. But hopefully you're finding ways to make things that are meaningful to you along the way, even if other organizations don't want to pay you for them. The internet's nice like that - if your stuff gets rejected, you can just make your own blog or start up a Youtube channel or something - there's always a way to get your stuff out there)

Take it from our own Sam Reich (now the Head of Production at CollegeHumor, a producer on multiple TV shows, and a creative tour de force)...