We're sorry to do this to you, but once you see these images, they'll stick in your brain like cat hair sticks to your weird aunt's sweater. And, no, blinding yourself won't work. Even in the darkness these seemingly innocuous pictures will haunt your memory. 

1. Nic Cage is taking his new role really seriously. 

can't unsee memes: nic cage car

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2. Heck yes!

can't unsee memes: taylor swift, napoleon dynamite

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3. Can I motorboat his mustache?

can't unsee memes: luigi stache looks like bra

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4. Disney is into bondage and we didn't even realize it until now. 

can't unsee memes: tangled, disney into s+m

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can't unsee memes: all body builders look like skinny guys emerging out of jacked guy torso

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8. You wanna see me shoot an arrow really fast?

can't unsee memes: jonny bravo holding arrow

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9. Voldemort has found a new host. 

can't unsee memes: secret voldemort face

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can't unsee memes: makeup-less marilyn manson

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12. I want to have the strongest chest, like noones ever saw!


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13. Fun fact: on the set of Birdman, Emma Stone had to be told numerous times to stop trying to catch and eat Michael Keaton. 



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14. Remember this the next time you kiss your mom. 


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