We are living in the age of Peak Meme - where memes are born and die so quickly that people barely have time to respond, where hyper-specific meme categories are constantly sprouting up (like the continuing strange evolution of Prequel Memes), and where memes have almost entirely replaced communication for a lot of people (check out a big viral tweet's replies sometime, it's 90% memes). But for people who are EXTREMELY online, memes have become a little stale - they're predictable, not very inventive, and mostly seem tired and dull. And that's where "Bone Hurting Juice" comes into play - an edit of a Safely Endangered comic that instantly changed the meme game:

bone hurting juice memes: bone hurting juice pooh

Facebook / Fun Silly Drawings For Fun Silly People Haha

The basic premise of the "Bone Hurting Juice" category of memes is to look at the base image of a meme and sorta try to literally predict what the characters might be saying based on the imagery alone (and often through the voice of a child - like, what an 8 year old might think the characters are saying having only seen the base image). It's weird, it's specific, and - for anyone who's way too familiar with the biggest memes of the moment - it's a breath of fresh air.

bone hurting juice memes: discrete thumb suck

deathpro / reddit

bone hurting juice memes: choir auditions

hooya_loves_pepe / reddit

bone hurting juice memes: sleeping pills vs laxatives

ranked_csgo / reddit

bone hurting juice memes

andrev / reddit

bone hurting juice memes: pawnstars meme

vidyapoky / reddit

bone hurting juice memes: broke your spine

despacito / reddit

bone hurting juice memes: looking for guitar pick

eggcrate17 / reddit

bone hurting juice memes: check your blind spot

bazu55 / reddit

bone hurting juice memes: daily fish oil

tabookodak5 / reddit

bone hurting juice memes: stuck up butterfly

myotheraccount698797 / reddit

bone hurting juice memes: dj khaled played yourself

metal-marauder / reddit

The only problem is that once you've seen a meme stripped bare by the Bone Hurting Juice treatment, it's kind of hard to ever look at that meme again without thinking of these versions. But somehow, I think we'll manage. In the meantime, pay close attention to r/bonehurtingjuice whenever a new meme pops up.