It's time for you to treat yourself to something really special: like all of these hilarious Tweets curated especially for you.

They may not be able to bring your beloved hamster back after he got stuck in one of those plastic tubes for 24 hours, but they will put a smile on your face and possibly even give you an audible chuckle.

And there ain't nothing better than an audible chuckle, my friend. 

1. Fuck you, bananas. 

2. You can now kiss the superhero. 

3. Sorry Timmy, this is going straight into the garbage were it belongs.

4. Now I can't get this sound out of my head, goddammit. 

5. All dogs go to heaven. 

6. This is what you call a keeper. 

7. We love you like crazy, but you have a problem. 

8. Got every chef in here wishin'.

9. Water: now lightly scented. 


10. Your son is on to something, my dude. 

11. They put these senior citizens on blast. 

12. Sorry grandpa, but your spidey sense is tingling. 

13. No we waren't.