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If you're looking to really ruin the everloving fuck out of yours or someone else's day, then you've hit the jackpot. The people over at /r/AskReddit are here with some truly unsettling facts that'll take a dump all over the definition optimism. 

That being said, if you really wanna be the worst, use this information to break the ice at the next party you didn't want to go to. 

1. Outfoxt7

In 70 years facebook and most social medias will be filled with dead people

2. Fullchaos

Vaginas can be acidic enough to bleach and eat through panties.

Deeply Unnerving Facts That'll Keep You Up at Night: vaginal ph can eat through underwear fabric

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3. CinderousAbberation

Theoretically, there is no upper limit to an earthquake, but somewhere around 11 the earth would likely split in half.

Thank you, NOVA, for making me curious enough to Google that.

4. the_ashta_person

If your intestines are severely blocked up you can vomit your own poop.

5. 865wx

Google "[your state/province/country] missing persons" and you'll probably find a list that's much longer than you think it will be. Then consider that most of these cases have been investigated thoroughly and gone cold. That could be you or a loved one one day, and the chances of the media scooping up your story and publicizing it far and wide really aren't that great. You or a loved one could vanish and very few people would know or care.

That, and that there are 25 to 50, or possibly as many as 2,000 active serial killers in the US right now.

6. Sleepy_Chipmunk

Woodpecker tongues wrap around the inside of their heads. Imagine how that feels.

Deeply Unnerving Facts That'll Keep You Up at Night: you can be so constipated you vomit shit

7. TuckRaker

Even travelling at close to light speed, the average human simply wouldn't live long enough to see more than a tiny fraction of the universe.

8. Early_Grace

Unless you greatly impact the world and its citizens, the memory of you will vanish in just a few generations after your death. Sleep tight.

9. Omny87

Eyelash mites. As you can probably guess, they are parasitic mites that live in your eyelashes. Literally everyone has them, and they're so tiny that they can squeeze between the follicles of your eyelashes. Don't freak out though; they're totally harmless. All they do is eat the dead skin and oil that builds up in your follicles. You didn't even know they existed until I told you. And the kicker? They have parasites of their own! Tiny, invisible creatures being fed on by tinier, even more invisible creatures, living their tiny invisible lives on our bodies. We are to them as Cthulhu and all of Lovecraft's Old Ones are to us.

10. ParticipashunTrophy

Yellowstone is a huge volcano that will kill everyone in the quad state area when it blows and bury most of the US in several feet of ash filled with tiny glass-like particles that kill when inhaled.

11. sunghooter

One day, your parents picked you up and then put you down and never picked you up again.

12. ChromosomeDeletion

One person is murdered every 60 seconds.

13. merrymadhatter:

MLK Jr and Anne Frank were born in the same year.

14. corrado33

There are more bacteria cells in you than there are "you" cells in you.

In fact, there are about 10x more bacteria cells in you than your own cells.

By number only, you are actually bacteria.

(By weight, the bacteria collectively only weigh a few pounds.)

Deeply Unnerving Facts That'll Keep You Up at Night

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15. Quicksilva94

Brain aneurysms are unpredictable, could happen to anyone of any age, race, gender, sexual orientation, social class, etc etc and are basically an insta-kill.

Your only hope of surviving one is that doesn't fuck up too much of your brain at once and that it doesn't pop in a super critical spot in your brain. And that's just so you can survive ling enough to get to the hospital. Most people just drop dead immediately. Either way, your life will never be the same.

Nothing you can do to prevent it. No food or drug or lifestyle choice. It could come completely out of nowhere.

Having sex, writing a note, while driving, mid sentence.

It could come while you're doing anything. Even in your sleep. Maybe even tonight.