Remember back when Four Loko was an enormous liability concocted of taurine and 12% alcohol and it cost $4 so everyone died when they drank it? Man those were the good ol days. Now its all "meeting FDA standards" and shit. Let's take a trip down memory lane, to the glory days.

1. Let he without sin cast the first stone

2. Water has never once made me party

four loko memes: water vs four loko


3. We have survived the first wave but it has come back stronger than ever

four loko memes: NEW four loko


4. You've made your bed Four Loko

5. Master, forgive me, but I'll have to go all out just this once

four loko memes: spongebob get turnt


6. Um, it's about to be lit fam

7. YOoooooOOOooo

four loko memes: connect four


8. No not you you're not allowed

9. That's what I thought

four loko memes: four loko and blackout


10. You're gonna have to try harder than that to take the B-man from us

11. Who here is tryna fuckin party

four loko memes: four loko, meet internal organs, internal organs, meet four loko


12. Everybody better step the fuck away from his machine

13. It's time to take this school day up a notch