1. Ariel

Whoa! Can you believe it? A gay Ariel! I mean, yeah they look similar but they're super different. Instead of being into Prince Eric, the one on the right is actually attracted to women.I guess that's the only real difference, though. 

2. Belle

There's more than one reason that Belle wants to get out of that provincial town! The Beast is gonna have a hard time breaking the curse with the beauty on the right because she don't swing that way......Again, it doesn't really change how it looks, but I can assure you the one on the right is a lesbian! 


Apparently you get to a whole new world by going both ways because the Aladdin on the right is an out and proud bisexual! Actually, I guess nothing in the lore says that the original says that Aladdin is 100% straight  but...well, for the purposes of this article let's just assume that he's completely straight, and the bisexul one on the right is a total reimagining of him....even though he looks exactly the same.


The one on the right is actually asexual which...well, she obviously doesn't do anything sexual in the movie anyway so.... 



I'll be honest, I didn't really think this article through. I wanted to celebrate Pride month and I thought, "Hey! Everyone loves Disney." Then I went to actually do it and I realized that it wasn't that interesting. It's just the same picture twice. I mean, the Anna on the right is trans, but how would you know that unless I told you! And again, for all we know the original Anna is too! I mean, I assume she isn't since the movie seems to take place in olden times, but there's also a talking snowman so who's to say what's possible? 

Prince Charming

6 Classic Disney Characters Reimagined as LGBTQ+

You don't need me to tell you that LGBT+ people are just like everyone else, because duh! Instead, I'll just wish you a happy Pride month. May your June be as gay as the Prince Charming on the Right.