If you're not familiar with the type of social media posts about building your ideal man/woman on a budget, they generally look a lot like these:



Obviously, the whole point of these is to demonstrate how you are never going to get everything you're looking for out of someone, and to gameify choosing what qualities are most important to you and which ones you're most OK settling for. 

Twitter has taken this format and brought it to a new level, parodying it by giving you a budget that really only gets you one type of man/woman: 

1. Waluigi would never do this to you

2. How does his driving make your stomach feel tho

3. Also is known to be a Man Spider from time to time

4. Please no

5. Tricked ya bitch

6. This is how, you remind him

7. Hell yes

8. Also isn't the sharpest tool in the shed

9. It's just smarter

10. ;)

11. If you're telling me that boy isn't polite or handsome you're out of your mind

12. Just know that you get all the other qualities as well with this man

13. It's a helluva deal

14. Sorry best I can do is $10 on this


16. Forgive me they were delicious

17. Goddamn it why don't they make songs like this anymore

18. Hmmm not sure I know who this could be referring to

19. What else could you possibly want