1. How are they going to do my boy Henry like that, echoesreach

The episode of Thomas the Tank Engine where they wall Henry up in the tunnel.

His sad eyes when the wall is almost done has haunted me ever since

2. Here's a very interesting thread on why exactly this scene was so jarring. Via Kujo17

The "Pink Elephants" skit from Dumbo

3. Sorry I don't speak Italian, StaySharpp

The episode in Spongebob when Sandy had the pet worm. When it eventually showed the close up of the butterfly's face it scared me to death as a kid. So much in fact that I still have an intense phobia of insects in that regard. I cannot stand close ups of them. Whenever I'm scrolling online or reading NAT GEO, etc. I'm always cautious of turning the pages. God I hate it haha.

4. Nothing made me change the channel quicker than seeing this fuckin shit, SoapSudGaming

Mr. Meaty. I was convinced that it was just a fever dream until one of my friends mentioned it. Fuck that show.

5. Don't forget when the boys turn into donkeys in front of your goddamn eyes, agpleezdeddy

In the Pinocchio movie when he goes to the Coachman who wants him to find boys to take to 'Pleasure Island'

6. This clip is sped up which makes it twice as awful, sloth_sloth666

There was a scene in Rugrats that I don't remember too well, but tommy has a dream about this older, bigger baby that bullied him (?) and was about to eat tommy or something.

I just remember being scared to death of that scene as a little kid

7. Arnold you stupid fuck. From crazybychoice

In Magic School Bus where they're on Mars (?) and the ginger kid takes off his helmet to prove some point and his head freezes. I did not like that as a kid.

8. See I never minded this lil fella that much, mouse_7

The baby doll head on spider leg body from toy story 1. That thing scarred me for life. Haunted my nightmares for YEARS

9. This movie traumatized me, I went in expecting Totoro and got this fucking shit. From starwarsmemequeen

All of Spirited Away

10. Yep this is not great, LeaveItToYourGoat

My default answer to this is always the child-catcher scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It still creeps me out more than any horror movie I've seen.

11. 2spooky4me, bubbleaurum

The entire movie Coraline. I watched it at a birthday party in elementary school and I had nightmares for months about the eyes.

12. Jesus fuck brazlsocrgirl18

In Homeward Bound when Shadow was stuck in the mud pit. My family had a nearly identical golden retriever and (according to my mother) little 4 year old me was having a meltdown in the theater. I watched that movie recently and had to fast forward through this scene....

13. It bears mentioning again, ThatOneMitchie

I know this has been mentioned several times in the past, but the Pee Wee Herman movie with the scene that had large Marge.

14. These astronaut men could've handled this a little more delicately I think, elliold

I don't know if E.T. counts as a children's movie, but when E.T.'s health starts deteriorating near the end of the movie it was horrifying to me.