Do you ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing goes your way? It starts shitty and somehow manages to go downhill from downhill. Well you might find comfort knowing your bad days don't hold a match to Twitter user @erinscafe. What seemed to start off as a regular meh day quickly turned into something...weird.

How it all started...with dog shit:

Now what was a regular dog accident is now some sort of haunted shit mystery.

So now there is a bunch of cops, an apartment covered in dogshit with mysterious footprints and also this is about to happen:

Cool, so add being locked out of your car in the middle of a crisis to the list.

Note: I do not think that is how laws work.

MF Baskin Robbins to the rescue.

Surely the Baskin Robbins lady knew what phone books are, though, right?

Finally, things start to make a LITTLE sense:

Omg WHAT. What did you find in there, twitter person?

Go on...

Most definitely worth stating twice.

Finally, closure on the dog shit mystery. Not a clumsy ghost after all.

And yeah, non-meth heads, please take care of this doggo.

There you have it, a day worse than yours. Next time you are feeling angry or accidentally step in dog shit, just remember, hey, it could've been a methhead stepping in that dog shit while breaking and entering your house to steal your belongings while being secretly surveilled by the police. Remember that.