So many things start out as cool little finds but then grow in popularity and turn into complete shit shows. It's just the way of life. These 13 things were no exceptions, getting completely and utterly ruined thanks to dumb idiot masses.

1. UpDog17 -- Oh sweet irony. 

Maya Bay in Thailand, location of the set of the movie 'The Beach'

Now closed to tourists due to environmental concerns. 5000 people a day attempt to visit it. The irony is the movie is about a haven that nobody knows about...People are the worst


2. StereotypicalSupport -- Don't tell your brother your secrets. It never ends well. 

When I was at school the shop across the road from the bus stop I got off of to go home had a small hot food section. Things like sausage rolls, pasties and burgers all cooked that day. By the time I got off the bus they gave this stuff away for free as it was deemed past its best. For months I went in, had a nice chat with the staff and got something if there was something left. This was until my brother saw me eating a sausage roll and I told him, do not under any circumstances tell people about this.

Well one week later they had to stop doing it as my brother had told fucking everyone and 30 people a day charged into this tiny shop begging for free stuff.

3. Kiroway66 -- Yuuuuuup, sounds about right. 

Buying storage auctions. I've bough them for 25 years. It used to be that you could buy them for a reasonable price. You might even make a little. After the popular TV shows, there are too many people thinking that every locker will have hidden cash or jewelry. It is RARE that you find something hidden of great value. I've quit buying them until the craze dies down.

4. Smacksmoorsmeemmaam -- Gotta make a new waterfall, is all. 

There was this secret man made waterfall in my home town and it was pretty unknown. I brought a friend there, showed her how To get around the fences and pretty soon she brought EVERYONE she knew there. They started destroying shit, leaving trash.. now it has a higher and more secure fence.

5. TallSunflower -- Sometimes things are too good to be true, and if not, people exploit the hell outta them. 

LL Bean return policy and life time warranty on things that gets abused

6. GulfRomeo -- Idiots have ruined all good things. 

I live in an apartment complex right next to a university. I'm originally from a more rural area, where we frequently had bonfires. My apartment complex has a little fire pit, so I bought some firewood for a taste of home. Every few weeks, I had a few people over and we had a small fire. It was cool. Nobody was rowdy, we only burned wood, and we always cleaned up after ourselves. My neighbors eventually caught on to the fun and started having their own fires. Over time, the fire pit grew in popularity, until someone was having a fire just about every weekend. Trash was being left all over the place, beer bottles were tossed into the ashes, and noise became an issue. It escalated to the point that college students were coming over from their dorms, throwing decent sized parties, and even burning furnature. The police were called one too many times, and now the fire pit is filled in.

7. Dwoof69 -- We are cursed with unavoidable ads. 


Now every website has a warning. It used to be a rare sight.

8. CremeFraicheOSRS -- That's why I stroll in at noon. 

Driving to work early. I used to do it, but now it's the same as morning Rush hour.

Edit: for anyone wondering, I'm in Michigan, and I am on the road by 5:45 am.

9. _SadWalrus_ -- I'm gonna pretend this is the reason I don't hike. 

Hiking at a certain state park near me. Trash everywhere, trail eroded, switchbacks ignored/greenery trampled, dog shit everywhere. Now I don't tell anyone where the 'good' trails are.

10. coalstar -- This is sadly true. 

Surprised that nobody has said eBay. There was a time when you could get genuine bargains. Now it's just a less practical version of Amazon.

11. AlexanderAF -- The sky is now rich with drones. 

Definitely drones. I used to be able to fly in national parks, until it was quickly outlawed because lots of people were doing it, but also being very obnoxious with it., one by one, idiots just kept making the news by doing things they definitely shouldn't have been doing with drones. Sooner or later, I had to get mine registered. 

Now there's all kinds of restrictions and limitations and it just makes it so frustrating to even bother anymore.

12. razzlefrazzle26 -- Were there ever short lines at Disneyland, though? 

Going to Disneyland. Even on odd days and times the place is still packed and the best rides have 1hr-2hr wait to them.

13. ThreetyPeetey -- This about sums it up. 

Everything. People ruin every single thing they touch, I used to think Dwight's plague joke from the office was funny, now I just think he's right.