The Person Who Clearly Has No Idea What They're Talking About

The 6 People You'll Get into a Political Argument With

Not everyone can be an expert on politics, but it's very clear after two words that this person has NO idea what the hell they're saying. Like, it's not even that their points are bad. The things that they say aren't even making logical sense. They are saying words that you recognize, but when strung together they don't add up to anything more than gibberish. Strangely enough, though it's clear that they have no idea what they're talking about, they are somehow way more passionate than people who actually do. They spout their nonsense without abandon and usually end up getting the last word because it's easier to give up than to try and make sense of what they're trying to say.

The Person Who Has One Point They Keep Making Over an Over


Unlike like the last person, you understand what this guy is saying, but that's only because they repeat it over and over and over and over again. They clearly heard someone make a point a while back that stuck with them, so they've just decided to parrot that. You could change topics multiple times, and they'll always bring it back to this one singular idea that's so important to them that it's apparently the only thing they know how to say. Arguing with them is like arguing with a doll with a pull string, and it's exhausting.

The Person Who Talks Like They're The Only Person In The World Who Understands This Stuff


Politics doesn't always have an easy answer, although you wouldn't know it from talking to this person. They seem to think they have it all figured out. They know what every politician ever should have done, and have the solution to every problem on Earth, even those that have eluded the experts who spent their entire lives trying to solve them. It's clear that they think that they could fix everything if given the chance, despite the fact that nothing they say is really all that smart at the end of the day. Talking to them is basically just having very simple points explained to you like a child who's never watched the news before.

The Person Who You Agree With But Are Somehow Still Arguing With


Political arguments are usually rooted in your own deep held beliefs. However, every now and then someone comes along who changes that and proves that there's one thing stronger than your own convictions and that's spite. This person is saying everything that you would say, but they're saying it in a way that offends you on a deeply visceral. You find yourself ignoring all the things you agree with them on and instead look for the little bits of disagreement, which you then expand into full blown arguments. It's not enough to agree sometimes. You have to agree in the right way.

The Screamer


Politics can get emotional, but that doesn't mean they have to get this loud. To say they talk over you is an understatement because what they're doing is too loud to be considered talking. Rather than saying anything meaningful, The Screamer basically just hopes to talk loud enough to drown out any opposition. If you were smart, you'd walk away but instead you let them drag you down and start screaming yourself. By the end of it, the only thing that matters is who can talk the loudest. What's actually being said is incidental.

The Person Who Changes Their Mind


Haha just kidding. This person doesn't exist. Nobody has ever changed their mind because of a political argument.