12 Hilarious Tweets That Will Give You A Decent Chuckle

1. It's a nightmarish hellscape in the neighborhood.

2. Honestly, this is the better than Sonic Boom.

3. Jesus Christ, tell us your secrets. Was it that volleyball league you joined?

4. You know what - Cookie Monster never even EATS those cookies! The chunks and crumbs just flal out of his mouth!

5. Time to Google "how to renounce your parents"

6. A week later they're gonna put up a "JUST PISS ANYWHERE" sign

7. I'd rather have my search history read aloud, thanks.

8. Haha yeah I am a total stoner, four hundred and twenty, am I right?

9. The way I honor the Toretto family is by drinking a Corona while capturing an international terrorist.

10. This is why you should only watch Netflix.

11. (*doublechecks five times*) My god...

12. Well...I am not going to be pickpocketing this tarantula.