In an age where most of our communications involve texting, it's practically inevitable that you'll occasionally end up sending a wrong number text. 

Most of the time it's pretty harmless, something along the lines of sending a sibling a grocery list meant for your roommate or a change of plans to your mom instead of your friend Mo. 

But Dear LORD when you accidentally text your co-worker a full desription of your watery bowel movement when you meant to send it to someone you're, *ahem*, just a tad closer to, it can be irrevocably damaging, not to mention embarrassing and, oh how do you say it? Ah yes, TRAUMATIZING. 


So take a lesson from the people over at /r/AskReddit and double check who the recipient of your nasty texts is before smashing that send button.

1. StConstantine

I once texted my boss that I thought the guy next to me in the urinal must have had a huge fucking dick hole based on how loud he pissed...

2. Eh-Merican

"Yo dude this is wack, wanna get out of here?" To the girl who was hosting the party and not my friend across the room

3. Rilo17

"My mom's coming by the house, can you put all the bongs and shit away? Thanks bro." Sent to my mom.

edit: Great, this is my top comment now. My mom would be proud.

4. Not-an-Ocelot

School had me swamped so I barely got to see my girlfriend for a while so I sent a mushy text about how she's always on my mind and I love her, accidentally sent it to a casual friend only to find out that she was secretly in love with me... it was a very awkward situation.

Edit: for the those curious about the ending

I tried to give her an out by pretending that my phone wasn't showing the name of my contacts but she didn't take it and clarified it was her. We ended up agreeing that an in person discussion would be better. We met up and have a very long, emotional talk and it put a lot of things in perspective for me and she asked me to dump my (then) girlfriend for her. That relationship wasn't a perfect one but I did very much love my girlfriend, but there was just something to her words they just felt so real and I began to falter but in the end I decided to stay true to my girlfriend and turned her down. She said she understood as her eyes were tearing up and I felt like the biggest sack of shit to ever live. We didn't hangout too much after that, I didn't complain given the situation. She ended up finding someone which isn't surprising she's a sweet and beautiful girl. As for me, I ended up being dumped for another guy... Oh the irony.


5. Kyethent

Me And my girlfriend still like to play pokemon go and the main attraction is raiding but you need people to help fight for those who don't know. Anyway after a long day of being in the Australian heat playing pokemon I thought it would be a grand idea to send a picture of my underwear to my girlfriend titled "look at that arse sweat" Turns out I sent it to my pokemon go group with more than 70 local people.

6. KittenMittns

I managed a Jimmy John's for a few years and I was at work and sent a text to my wife that said "honey honey! You stink like dust" (it was an ongoing joke between us).

Turns out I sent it to one of my delivery drivers instead.

He got back to the shop a few minutes later. Came in the back and we made eye contact and I just said "hey"... he said "hey". I said "that was meant for my wife". He just stared at me for 10 seconds and said "k" and walked away.

This will haunt me forever.

7. weshric

Texting with my girlfriend. We're discussing a friendly wager on an NCAA tourney game. She names her stakes and asks, "and if you win, what do you want?"

"Anal," I send (half) a buddy who just asked, "what did you and the kids do last weekend?"


8. Sheldwyn

A joke meme about a husband doing house work because it turns his wife on, I accidentally sent it to a friend's sister who had lost her husband suddenly a couple months before.

9. RigamaroleStatus

My girlfriend at the time had left me a pair of panties and had suggested I try them on and send a picture to her. Thinking it'd be funny and whatnot I did. Not getting any response back, I went to ask if she got it but I never sent it to her.

I had sent it to my younger brother. A picture of my dick barely contained in my girlfriend's panties.

He sends me one text: "what the fuck."

I message back saying "not meant for you, this NEVER happened." He replies back "this never happened."

It's been like 3 years I think and we've never discussed it, but maybe a few years down the line it'd be funny to bring back up and see if he remembers it.

10. TreilDarkbyrd

Hey sexy, good morning 😘

To my mom and not my girlfriend. In 7th grade. I have regrets

11. Smores-n-violence

Sent the mom of the child I was babysitting a text stating that I would rather jump out of their window than continue to watch their kid for the rest of their night. Yeah, not my proudest moment.


12. lespaulbro:

My freshman year roommate accidentally sent his academic advisor a timelapse of himself eating 12 Taco Bell tacos. I don't think I've ever laughed harder than after him yelling across the room, "OH SHIT! /u/lespaulbro, can I unsend an email???" 12/12, even now it's still funny to taco bout it

13. BFM671

I once texted my boss: "Bitch, imma put your whole face in this ramen and you will love me so hard for it."

14. shea_fyffe

My brother wanted to see a picture of a tinder girl i started talking to. So i proceded to screenshot a photo from her profile then send it to him. I accidentally sent it to her...her own photo. Luckily it was a photo with her and a friend, so I started sending her more and asked her to verify which person she was in each photo. Looking back she admitted it creeped her out, but we dated for 2 years afterwards.

15. Give_Me_Youre_Gold

My sister asked for a picture of the engagement ring I was buying for my fiance. Guess who I actually sent that one to.