12 Hilarious Tweets That Will Make Your Day 100% Better

Listen, here at CollegeHumor, all we really want is to make your day a little bit better. The rest of the world is being consumed by chaos and confusion and misery, but here - we just wanna show you some nice tweets. That's all. Enjoy!

1. True love is falling asleep watching Netflix together.


3. Fun fact: "UK" isn't an acronym - it's just pronounced "uck"

4. Wait 'til Mueller gets his hands on this piece of info.

5. Please, Snapchat, hear our plea.

6. Welp, that's great.

7. Does anyone have the Devil's number? I'd also like to make this deal.

8. Algorithms, what's not to love?

9. Sorry Cam....and probably a few people named Simon.

10. Don't insult the good name of Ariana Grande by comparing her to the Uruk-Hai who killed Boromir.

11. This is the most painfully accurate description of online gaming culture ever written.

12. Inflammable means flammable?! What a country!