People Remember The Injustices They're Still Salty About

You know what sucks about real life? There's just no justice in your day-to-day interactions. People are dicks, assholes, and general dipshits - and they get away with it every single day. As long as whatever they're doing isn't illegal (and often even if it is), people can behave however they'd like and never have to face any actual consequences.

And for the people who suffer their dickish behavior, all we can really do is stew quietly about it...for a long time. Call it holding a grudge, call it being salty, it all means the same thing - not forgetting, not forgiving, not letting go of being mad, because why should you? If there were truly karma in this world, there would be a price to pay - but there never is.

So what can we do except vent on the internet? That's why this r/AskReddit thread exists  - and why we pulled some of the best answers:

1. gorillasharkyo

When I was 7 years old my cousin Aaron tricked me into giving him my beautiful holographic Alakazam card and gave me some lame matte-ass Gyarados card instead. He refused to give it back to me too.

I thought I'd forgotten about it until probably 15 years later when Pokemon Go was a thing. He posted some pretentious edgy Facebook status along the lines of, "I think I'm the only person who doesn't care about Pokemon Go." Yup, Aaron, you're the ONLY ONE! And now I'm mad again.

2. LadyGingerGiant

During fifth grade kickball I was wrongfully called out because this shithead kid was blocking the base. We work for the same company now, different departments. I can't help but give him the side eye when I see him in the hallway. I'm 40.

3. CursesandMutterings

I used to work for a pretty evil tech company in tech support. I was miserable only because I couldn't seem to get promoted.

I got an offer at a place only 10 minutes from my house. Same pay, free parking, and happiness.

I put my two weeks' notice in at my current job, and they were suddenly falling all over themselves to give me the promotion I had so wanted (specializing in web tracking software, which I was really good at). I agreed to stay on if they would promote me to that position.

I was young and naive, of course. They fucked me. I declined the other job offer, and then they denied me the promotion after I'd jumped through a bunch of hoops to qualify for it.

I rage-walked out of work that day. I rage-walked 9.85 miles. I was furious.

4. aerohail

I entered a competition where you had to be the first to type the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne.

I did it first with seconds to spare and was disqualified for not using the 'correct' lyrics. They apparently wanted the Americanised lyrics.

I'm Scottish. The song is Scottish.

I will never not be angry when I think about it.

5. PM_Me_A_Hug_Pleease

My fifth grade teacher told us that nothing can be alive without a heart. I asked, what about a tree or plant? She literally made every student except me go out of the room so she could call me a smart ass and give me detentions

Fuck you Mrs. G

6. imadamastor

In elementary school I drew a picture of a dolphin with his hole spitting water out of it. My teacher was completely sure that they didn't had any hole, and shamed me in front of the class. I saw a lot of national geographic documentaries and knew that it was a mammal and needed to breathe. To this day I'm angry about it

7. intoon

I have a mom friend. Our kids don't play together anymore because I am convinced her son is a budding psycho. He would come over to play with our kids, and purposely break toys, he took all our kids lego figures and pulled the heads, bottoms, hats off and threw them around our basement. We are pretty sure he took a bunch home, as we can't find about ten of them. We went to a water park with each other, and their son vanished. We were all yelling and running everywhere looking for him, we were in the middle of making the place go into lock down when he popped out from hiding. He was hiding the whole time watching his parents freak out. The breaking point for me was this; We used to walk our kids to the library together. I pushed my youngest in a stroller, as the hills in our neighborhood are too much for her little legs. One day her son asks if he can push my kid. I tell him sure, but be careful. He takes off with the stroller, running full speed up a hill, we are yelling for him to stop, and he's laughing, not slowing at all. He reaches the top of the hill, stops running, and shoves my stroller with toddler inside it down the hilly road. Thank god the stroller veered left and hit the curb and didn't speed down the hill through the busy intersection. I was done after that. The other mom thinks I'm super uptight and that her kid is an angel. Ugh.

8. connectmc

This trivia quiz I was a part of, at a nearby social club. Eight-year-old me was the kid in my team, and our team was tied with another one for the top prize. The quizmaster said, "now you folks need to sit down quietly. Just raise your hands if you know the answer to this tie-breaker question; don't just shout it out."

He asked the question. I knew the answer. I raised my hand. Someone in the other team shouted out the answer instead. They got the points and won. No one even stopped to look at me.

Screw you, idiotic quizmaster.

Someone asked me what the question was. It was "2nd October is celebrated as Mahatma Gandhi's birthday all over India. But which other prominent leader was also born on the same day?" (The answer, as most Indians will know, is Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister.)

9. saucecat2

In Elementary School we had a colored card system for discipline. You wanted to stay on the green card. If you got yellow it means you were talking or misbehaving and if you got a red card it means you were really bad and they would call your parents. Well I pretty much frequented the yellow card life - always talking.

So I was on yellow this particular day and asked to go to the bathroom. While I'm away I guess the teacher had lost it and flipped everyone's card one because the whole class was being disruptive. I come back from the bathroom and I have a red card! I was livid. They call my parents and everything.

My mom still talks about how mad I was and it happened in first grade like 20 years ago.

10. vanoreo

Roommate couldn't make rent for 2 months, so I covered him. He only paid me back for about half of 1 month (leaving roughly a $700 debt) at this point.

I ask for my money on about a weekly basis, and acts like I'm the bad guy and he's the victim.

Find out how often he shops for clothes and fast food. Find out he dropped out of college and didn't tell us weeks prior.

Booted him, got a portion of my money, and claimed his deposit to cover the rest.

He posts to Facebook a few days later about his "jerk roommates" kicking him out.

Fuck. That. Guy.

11. Josh_Groban

Once my third grade teacher was asking us about state abbreviations. She got to Florida and I raised my hand and said 'FL'. She told me I was wrong and that it was 'FA', and at the time I thought teachers were infallable so I took her word for it. Fast forward to sixth grade geography, state abreviations comes up, and I write 'FA' on a quiz, which obviously turned out to be wrong. I was so mad at my third grade teacher for misleading me, and to be honest it's something I think about more often than I should.

12. chintzy

At work my boss convinced me to take on a project which meant I did my regular job just like everyone on our team, and then also worked extra hard on the new project.

I only agreed to it because boss man promised me a promotion to the job I wanted.

This went on for a few months. Halfway through, rumors about boss man fucking his secretary really started spreading. At one point in a closed doors meeting, I told him I had his back, didn't pay attention to the gossip and shut it down whenever I heard it.

Months of hard work later, the project is done. I killed it. The whole thing was my idea. Anyone who has worked in Corporate American can probably guess what happened next.

Boss man took all credit for my project and promoted his secretary to the job he promised me. Turns out, he really was fucking her.

I was so mad I started shopping my resume immediately and had put in my 2 weeks by the end of the month. Boss man avoided me those two weeks and someone asked me "what would you say to him?" I said "can't wait for your wife to discover your affair and kick you out" WELL turns out that's what happened. Every time I see his wife driving HIS brand new truck around town, which she got in the divorce, I chuckle to myself.

13. Tempest-Storm

I was 14 and reading my favorite trilogy (it's sold as a trilogy, guys. I know it's an epic in 6 volumes), the Lord of the Rings. My dad had bought me the three in one omnibus book for me from his online book club and I absolutely loved this book. So, I'm this 14 year old red headed girl lugging this huge book all day at school to read in my spare time and decide to leave it at my lunch table as I normally do. I leave my books and things to get in line to buy my lunch and come back to someone having smashed french fries into the middle of my precious LotR book.

I was devastated. Absolutely devastated. I asked around the people nearby if anyone had seen who did this heinous act of violence against my beautiful book, but no one owned up to it. I silently cried pretty much the whole lunch hour while I was eating.

I'm still sad and angry about that day even though my dad was good enough to buy me a replacement. But fuck that person who ruined my book.

14. mizzbates

We used to play Candyland all the time at the babysitters. One time I drew the Snow Queen and the babysitter said "it's too early for that card," and made me put it back in the deck and draw again." Her daughter drew the Snow Queen a few turns later and the babysitter lit up like "oOOooO Snow Queen!!!" and moved her piece. I was 4, but will never forget.


A few years ago I ordered the Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo at Cheesecake Factory. It wasn't until a few minutes into my entree that I noticed they forgot to add the shrimp. Well when we told our waitress, she started to accuse me of having eaten all the shrimp and was being very abrasive. Didn't replace the order. Didn't bring out any shrimp. A few minutes go by and we hear someone from a nearby table complaining to the same waitress and demanding their gumbo be remade because they asked for no shrimp. Pretty obvious the waitress got our orders mixed up but nope, the only logical explanation was that I picked out and ate all shrimp and was only complaining to get my meal comped. I still can't go back...