Have you ever had some weird shit happen that you can't explain? These people have and their stories will make you question if we're all secretly Keanus living in our own real-life versions of The Matrix. More than likely it's our brains being dumb, but hey it's fun to imagine.

1. GringoGrande -- Delivery in 30 mins or less or its free (provided you're not in a different dimension)! 

In college I delivered pizzas to make money. I had a delivery that should have taken about twenty minutes. When I returned to the store the Manager asked me what had taken so long. I asked him what he meant and he pointed to the computer showing I had been gone for an hour and seven minutes.

I don't remember delivering the pizza...only turning into the store when I was returning.

Before anyone suggests aliens, no, my anus was not sore. I also don't drink or use drugs. Twenty years later I still have no idea what happened.

2. actuallyactuarial -- And people say pennies are useless. Not this one.

This is late and pretty stupid,but why not. I was once showering and after about 10 minutes in the shower I hear something ping and hit the floor. I looked down and saw a penny. I was pretty perplexed as you can imagine, but figured whatever I'll keep it as I imagined it could be good luck. 

I kept the penny in my wallet for a few years in a zipped side pouch, I never really told anyone because it was kind of pointless to talk a random penny I was superstitious about. So a few years later while at a music festival, a girl in our tent woke up to a penny in her butt crack. We all laughed it off as having a wild night. However I remembered the penny I had, and when I looked in the zipped pouch I was shocked to find it was gone. I told my friends and they didn't believe me. I think they threw that penny away too. 

TL:DR Teleporting ass penny.

3. ThaXcis -- That's not a glitch in the matrix, that's just a good ole fashioned ghost fight. 

I heard the upstairs neighbours get into yet another fight at 3am. Plates thrown onto the ground etc.very noisy as it is directly above. I found out next day that my upstairs neighbours moved out weeks ago and that the flat was vacant and completely empty. There are just 3 flats in the block. 1st floor elderly couple, us on second and the third floor.

4. TheJoshWatson -- Someone in another dimension just randomly found a mystery spoon. 

When I was about 15 I was eating some cereal and accidentally dropped my spoon into the kitchen floor.

I watched the spoon fall. As it hit the floor, it just vanished into thin air.

I was shocked. I thought surely my eyes were playing ticks on me. It must have just bounced away and gone out of sight or something.

I spent 30 minutes searching the kitchen for that spoon. I was honestly kind of freaked out. I tried to think of every possible place it could have gone. There weren't many places it could have ended up.

I never found it.

5. sm127 -- Whoa, freaky. And sad. 

I took a writing class in college where one of the assignments was to write an obituary for one of my grandparents. I procrastinated the assignment until the night before it was due because it seemed like a dumb assignment. 

Scramming for an easy grandparent to write about, I gave my mom a call and asked her for some basic biographical information about my maternal grandfather, who was still alive. 

As we were talking about his career, my mom couldn't recall the name of one of the companies he worked at. She lectured me about waiting until the last minute to write the assignment because it was late -- 10:30pm my grandpa's time. However, she said she would give him a call to see if he was still awake and be able to answer that question once my assignment was due the following morning.

When my mom called my grandpa, my grandma answered the phone in a panic. My grandma frantically explained that the paramedics had just arrived and was performing CPR on my grandpa because he had stopped breathing and passed out. My mom was able to stay on the phone with my grandma until they took my grandpa to the hospital, where he was declared dead. 

In the time my mom and I had been talking on the phone about my grandpa's "obituary," he had died. We ended up using the obituary I wrote for that writing assignment as his actual obituary. Still freaks me out when I think about the timing.

6. tuplski -- I think you're supposed to get married to this girl or something. 

I used to love drawing portraits when I was younger but I wasn't very good at it so I threw them away a lot of the time but one day, I drew one that I was really really proud of so I kept it. About a week or so later, we had a new girl start in our class and I thought she looked super familiar & a few days into the week I realised that it was because she was the girl I had drawn. I went home and found the drawing and sure enough, nearly identical (nearly because I was 10 and unskilled). It freaked me out and I've felt weird about drawing portraits of "nobody" ever since.

7. Numerol -- He was given a sixth sense for viewing ghost dams. 

Long ago when i was kid,my younger brother and me were driving our bikes on the embankment alongside the river and there was a huge dam-thingy on the river. I grew up in this town and i never knew we had a dam.When we got home i told my mother that it was the first time i have seen the dam,and she did not know what i was talking about. Later i returned there was nothing there. My brother does not remember,but i have seen it as clear as day. I'm sure it was my imagination,but its strange. I did not dream it,since my brother remembered that we were there,he just doesn't remember the dam.

8. Vodis -- This cat broke. 

This one is more silly than creepy, but once when I went with my grandmother to her friend's house, I was on the porch by myself with the grandmother's friend's cat, and the cat looked me right in the eyes and said the word "meow." It didn't sound like a cat meowing at all. It sounded very convincingly like a human carefully enunciating the word "meow," two syllables, in their most thoroughly unconvincing cat voice. Like someone intentionally doing a very poor impression of a cat, as a joke. But it was perfectly in time with the movement of the cat's mouth and there was no one else around, so it had to have been the cat saying it.

tl;dr: Met a cat that could talk, but the only word it knew was "meow."

9. a_sneaky_meerkat --  Holograms. Holograms & magnets. The only 2 possible explanations.

Was going down the stairs and went past my brother who was coming up the stairs, said hi and he sort of mumbled back. Got downstairs and walked through to the kitchen, only to find him standing there. Wtf.

10. EventfulAnimal -- Spooky. 

A few nights back I was wide awake in the guest bed at my place and heard quiet footsteps and then my wife say "Hey" gently at the door. It seemed weird, so I got up to see what she wanted and she was fast asleep in bed.

(Before you ask, I was in a separate bed as I have a cold and have been snoring really loudly)

11. MreReddithnSainsbury -- It'd be cooler if they recently bought a cat. 

Not especially creepy, but it did used to unnerve me when I was young. 

When I was little I used to have a Thomas the Tank Engine Book with fold out parts and flaps. There was this one part which was like a shed and you could lift a flap to see inside it. Inside was all the usual gardening/shed paraphernalia, but there was also a black cat sat in there. Here's the glitch though - I swear the cat wasn't always there! 

I used to love that book, but every time I read it I would get to that page and guess whether the cat would be there or not. Not a clue what that was all about really, but it creeped a young me out

12. SoberHungry -- The hell? 

I was walking my dog. On his leash there is a little plastic attachment that holds his poop bags.

I dropped the leash onto the ground. I heard the plastic hit the ground. But it turns out it ended up back in my hand.

Imagine dropping something. Hearing and seeing it drop. Then somehow it's in your hand. All under a couple seconds.

13. logictoinsanity -- Maybe they filled it in? 

Wasnt all that weird I guess but still. When I was a kid there was this house right before the entrance to my subdivision that was in this super deep valley, I remember calling it "the house in the hole" and thinking about how much it must have sucked when it rained, and how great of a sledding hill the sides would make. Then one day we were passing it, and there was no valley, it was at the same level as the road. I asked my mom what happened to the hole and she had no idea what I was talking about. To this day (I no longer live there) I always check when I drive past.