If you can't take the hot takes, get out of the hot take kitchen my friend. The canonically superior Krusty Krab and eternally inferior Chum Bucket are being used as image macros for people to express what shit is good and what shit is not. If you disagree, go open up a Pretty Patties or something.

1. Ice T can SUCK IT

2. All dogs are good dogs, but my dogs are best dogs

3. The only crime with Samoas is that they don't pack them into those bigass sleeves like Thin Mints

4. Ok now this one really has me fired up

5. Rashida must never be disrespected

6. This isn't even a competition

7. Gotta have the fuckin limes baby

8. Running with your hands behind you is a Chum Bucket move

9. We owe this show so much, if just for memes alone

10. Too real

11. Oh how the mighty have fallen

12. I'm afraid to look at the comments under this one

13. Mkay I see what you did there

14. In what universe are these the facts


16. Night mode for life

17. Some people just want to watch the world burn

18. Clever girl

BONUS: The only true, correct take here