When you're young, you're so blissfully ignorant. You do things and are 100% confident your dumb parents have no idea what you're up to. Then as you get older, you get horrified because goddamn, it is so obvious looking back that they knew exactly what you were up to. They're just older you's after all. Here's 11 parents who basically confirm that:

1. RaqMountainMama -- What are the odds? 

Their Reddit user names. One of them took a pic of his knees and dropped pants while on the toilet to post to Reddit when it was a thing to show the marks your elbows made on your legs from browsing Reddit while sitting on the can. 

I did a double take - that's my bath mat! I just bought those shoes! That's my bathroom and my kid!

2. 67pretzel -- Homework? Studying? Mathematics? 

My 15 y/o doesn't realize I know what he is doing when he locks his bedroom door.

3. PJ9q8lIvi  -- Tricky.

I have seen their browsing history. They think they are incognito mode but it is just chrome with a dark theme

4. packonuggets -- He has not figured out volume quite yet. 

My son is 7 and he thinks I don't know that he sneaks on to youtube to watch five nights at freddies videos. The exaggerated jump when I walk in, him click click clicking to close the tab, the panicked look on his face, hilarious. He thinks I'm magic because I just show up when he puts it on but the truth is, he doesn't know how to adjust the volume yet and it's always so loud.

5. renwilsher -- Doing a teens laundry sounds traumatizing. 

Hard towels, socks, etc...

6. Hoodlertjoodle -- Well this one's kinda nice. 

I figured out my daughter was bi a few years ago. She was super close to one of her girl friends. Normally, that would mean nothing because that's what most girls do. However, there were sweet lovey dovey letters as well as gifts. I said nothing because if she's happy... I am too. Then this girl broke my daughter's heart and I wanted to hurt her. She ended up telling me everything. I was so very proud of how she dealt with the situation. She did better than I would have at that age.

7. alexandrastarr -- Son, the toilet is not a place of games. 

My son is only two so he doesn't have huge things to hide from me (yet) but when I catch him doing something he's not supposed to (playing in the toilet, touching the TV, etc) he'll turn around all surprised and get in a cowboy western stance with his legs apart and squints his eyes like "what are you gonna do about it?" He's the best haha 

8. BitOfAZeldaFan -- Well you know where they got their kinks from. 

I know my daughter and her boyfriend use the rope in my garage for sex. What they dont know is what my wife and I use it for.

9. Rundownrose34 -- From dirty as hell to wholesome as hell.  

I setup a little fairy door in my daughter's room when she was 7. Shes 10 now. She writes her fairy letters and her fairy write back.. She doesn't know her Dad is Luna the fairy!

10. somethingwittyaz -- Hahaha.  

My son is 13 and has a school required email. He and his buddies text back and forth through "hangout" and think they are being sneaky. He had logged in on it on my laptop and didn't log out. I can see all of their conversations but I don't say anything. I get that they are just being kids and are learning how to cuss and all that.i find most of it pretty funny and reminds me of when I was in junior high. I mostly just glance through to make sure they aren't telling on themselves for anything major like drugs or stealing. The best thing I've seen so far is that they have discovered the word "pussy" but don't know how to properly use it. Like calling themselves the "pussy boomers".

11. diegojones4 -- Hey, nothing wrong with some TLC! 

My kids are old now, but I knew exactly when they started smoking pot. I didn't want to tell them I was happy about it because that seems weird. So I just didn't say anything. But damn, I was happy to hear Pink Floyd coming out of their room instead of TLC.