Ugh, we get it you're smart and you love your big throbbing brain. 

Except you sound like a moron and we think you're mistaking that throbbing brain for your ego, so yikes, looks like your not the brightest bulb in the loony bin, are ya?

Let this be a reminder to all of us: just because you say you're intelligent a lot doesn't actually make that true. Seriously, just look at these turd gobblins and make your own judgement call. 

1. Guess it's time to move up to the solar system then. 


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2. It's everyone else's fault I'm unhappy!


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3. I wonder what it's like to be a normal, every-day chimp, too. 


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4. The wettest blanket in the world, ladies and gents. 


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5. She's not like other professors. 


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6. His old age gives him so much wisdom!


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7. Wow, so smart for a peacock! He still spews shit everywhere, though. 


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8. Bach, please. 


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9. You can literally taste the irony, Breana. 


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10. Not to brag, but he clearly dealt weed to Cornell students. 


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11. How can our eyes be real if pixels aren't real??


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12. You're so smart you took courses literally anyone can take to test into a med program that you actually didn't go to. 

12 Smarty McSmarty Pants Who Need to Reevaluate Their Intelligence

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