If you're a Keanu freak, get siked, because we're about to be getting a hot fucking Keanu superhero movie soon.

Let us celebrate by peering into his natural habitat, life.

1. A man we all should aspire to

2. Yet he chooses to do so only in moderation, because he is a good man

3. Let's recast the entire MCU with just Keanu

4. Saying how-de-doo to a lucky motherfucker at a stoplight

Here's Keanu Reeves Just Doing a Bunch of Stuff

via oligarchy

5. Suspicious yet delicious

6. Time to shred Agent Smith's face off with this fat ass bassline

7. He has a Ph.D. in how to get back at the fucks that killed your dog

8. Have you ever seen them both in the same place?

9. This must've been what he was contemplating while eating that pizza

10. Who needs a lime when you can have perpetual dread

11. Chin up, friend. You're gonna be a superhero soon

12. Get fucked, air