Listen - I'm sure Brooklyn BBQ is (overall) fine. New York City is a hub of people from all around the world, making it a mixing pot of cultures and cuisines like few other places on Earth. You can get incredible pizza, burgers, sushi, cronuts, etc. and basically any kind of food from any geographical area imaginable, and find a pretty great version of it (even if it's not quite as authentic as the real deal). That's one of the really nice things about NYC - beyond being a garbage-filled, piss-soaked, hyper-expensive concrete hellhole, it's got some good food.

But you don't lightly declare NYC barbecue as the stuff that's "taking over the world" without ruffling a few feathers - and that's exactly what Munchies did with their story on Brooklyn's burgeoning BBQ blowup (apologies for the alliteration). Americans (particularly from the south) are VERY protective of their barbecue skills and authenticity - so to see some fancy-ass Brooklyn hipster BBQ trying to take the crown rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

And it's not hard to see why - the pic is notably....bare. No sauce, very little actual food, some sad little dinner rolls, and some gray-ish meat. Not exactly "next-level BBQ" to most people.













Of course, there are plenty of reasonable individuals who have made a few good points - maybe the blame lies more on this individual restaurant, which shouldn't be designated the representative for ALL of Brooklyn's BBQ offerings, or with the publication for making the claim. Because, wherever you go in this world, you can probably find great BBQ as long as you know where to look.