Not every laugh is a full-on belly laugh that alarms every person around you. Sometimes your brain is just like 'ha' and you move on with your life. These tweets should give you some of those internal laughs. Maybe an external or two if you're lucky.

1. It is the unfair truth.

2. We are all unique. Except when we're not at all.

3. Hell yeah.

4. Why must it always be a lifetime supply.

5. Send it. SEND.

6. Ew don't touch it.

7. Eh, what's the harm in a giant snow-dick?

8. Or like your own FB post.

9. This dick is gonna be the first genital president of the United States.

11 Tweets That Should Make You Laugh Internally At The Very Least


10. Praise the lord, I may now watch Netflix for an unhealthy amount of time!

11. Tabs that have SEEN some things.