We all know the scenario: the doorbell rings and you open the door to a couple of impeccably dressed, fresh-faced men who want to talk to YOU about their lord and savior Jesus H. Christ. 

Usually, after some awkward eye contact, we give them a hurried "sorry I JUST put my baby in the oven for dinner, I don't have time right now" before closing

the door in their face. 


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Mostly we find these little disturbances annoying and don't give a second thought to what these bright-eyed bible babes do before or after we interact with them. 

Until NOW. 

Turns out that Mormons rehearse lines before they start knockin' on heaven's (or your) door and they aren't the kind of lines we would have expected. 

Looks like these missionaries just went from PG to PG-13!

Who knew mormons could be so thirsty?

My precious. 

Girl, you holy. 

We have to admit, we're definitely going to be using some of these pick-up-lines in the future, so thanks Mormons! Turns out you did help us in a way we never thought you would.