Ever do something so unexpected and problematic that someone had to institute a new rule JUST because of that thing you did? I know my middle school had to ban remote control watches because I figured out how to turn on and off the classroom TVs with mine and was eventually caught by Mr. Russell (I flew a little too close to the sun...) - and as a result of my foolhardiness, no one else could wear their remote control watches anymore. It's always interesting to think about weirdly specific rules like that - because you know there's always a  story behind them. Luckily, this r/AskReddit thread came along, asking people what rule exists just because of them, and now we finally will know the secret stories behind a few silly-sounding rules:

1. This is about as close as I'll ever get to an Ocean's 11-style con:

A local pita place had a promo to get $5 off of your order if you purchased a $25 gift card. Pretty good deal so I bought one. The next time I went in they were still running the promo and I got another gift card but this time I paid for it with the previous gift card, a sort of promotional inception if you will. I was able to get away with that for weeks and finally they added an * to the promo poster, stating that you could not pay for a gift card with another gift card.

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2. This secret shopper sucks. I would have given them extra points, especially if the smiley face was winking:

You're not allowed to draw on the burgers with condiments at Burger King. Apparently it gets points deducted when the secret shopper opens their whopper and sees a smilie face.

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3. Okay, I'm not sure EXACTLY how much soda these people were drinking, but my guess was it was way way way more than 3 sodas, so this rule seems pretty arbitrary:

My friends had a contest in our auto tech class to see who could drink the most soda cans from the marketing class store. One of them vomited all over our small classroom, the other left a trail to the bathroom. A 2 drink limit was posted the next morning

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4. No bullfrogs either:

Not me, but my mother had the "no dogs" rule of Sydney Airport changed to "no pets". She used to bring her cat to the airport all the time, and security couldn't do anything about it.

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5. Uh, frankly I'm okay with more strict guidelines for newbie pilots:

In my private pilot training, you do a 'cross country solo'. I will always appreciate my instructor's (cfi's) capacity to let me work a problem, and find my own limits. I didn't realize until after this flight just how much latitude he had given me.

As a "typical" student you shoot for the minimum distance requirements and hit familiar airports you've been to before. I went way out of state, to two airports I had never been anywhere near. One was, by far, the smallest runway I had landed on up to that point. I nearly had to stay a day in another state due to weather changes on my last leg.

Shortly thereafter I have a phase check with another cfi. He asks some questions about my recent experience, and its obvious he's a bit surprised with the scope of my xc.

An email later goes out from my flight school with a number of new restrictions on student solo destinations. No one at my school will be able to come anywhere near what I did ever again, unless they convince the chief flight instructor somehow.

Tl;dr - student solos are now much more restricted at my flight school because I wanted to go somewhere interesting and new. I also think my cfi may have been reprimanded over it.

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6. To be fair, hotties are definitely impressed by shattered arm bones:

Grew up in a small rural town where kids can be kids. When I was 7 I climbed a tree when it was the "sit down and eat your lunch" time at school. I may have been showing off the 7 year old hotties in my class. Anyway the branch of the tree would have been about 1.3m high so not that high at all. I remember swinging on it thinking that those babes in my class would love it if I jumped off. I slipped. Landed in a press up position but most of my weight must've gone through my right arm because I badly broke my humerus. Started running around in circles like a madman with my arm flopping around after me and ever since that fine day in March, no kids can climb any trees coz of my clumsy ass.

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7. Charles Entertainment Cheese is a narc:

Back in highschool, we had a row of vending machines.

I used ChuckECheese tokens to get snacks for a MONTH. I guess they fixed that permanently because of me. Whoops! :)

I guess the rule that applies to is "Legal tender only" ?

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8. This person is my hero:

The girl that does the Staples and Costco runs needs to have an itemized list approved by management before shopping runs. Because one day I wanted an electronic 3 hole punch and a bouncy ball chair. And I fucking got them.

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9. Listen, just because the kindergarten teacher can't keep track of their students doesn't mean you should convert the school into a friggin' prison:

Not me, but my friend. He escaped out of kindergarten through the window when he was 4 (ground level room) and went home. He did not want to do nap time I guess. They installed bars on the windows of the ground floor rooms shortly thereafter.

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10. Duck Duck Goose: X-Treme Edition was probably not a wise move:

Duck duck goose is banned at my childhood summer camp because when I was 7 we were playing it and a girl tripped and her foot flew into my face knocking out my two front teeth.

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