Even with all the gossip readily available about celebrities and their glamorous lives, there are some who still manage to keep us on our toes. These nine household names lead double lives that may be even more fascinating than their popular public personas.



1. Terry Crews Is An Insanely Good Painter

Terry Crews is known for his killer pecs (and Old Spice... and White Chicks), but the man behind the muscles has the true soul of an artist. On Jimmy Kimmel Live! he revealed his talent for creating photorealistic paintings and drawings.

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Before ultimately pursuing football and acting, Crews received an art scholarship for the prestigious Interlochen Centre for the Arts in Michigan. For a while he was a sketch artist in a courtroom, but he later turned his attention to sports. When he found himself repeatedly getting benched and/or cut, Crews survived off painting portraits of his teammates, some of which he'd sell for up to $5,000. The Brooklyn 99 writers caught wind of Crews' talent and wrote  an episode that featured his character chasing after an oil painting... one that Crews painted in real life. One thing's for sure, I'd let Crews paint me like one of his French girls anytime.


2. George Clooney is Funding a Satellite Surveillance Program

George Clooney has been an outspoken humanitarian for years, but recently he's taken his philanthropy to an atmospheric level. In an interview with Parade, Clooney admitted using the money he received from Nespresso coffee commercials to fund a satellite spy program. The target of his surveillance? Sudan's dictator Omar al-Bashir, who has been charged with war crimes for leading violence in Darfur.


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The purpose of Clooney's program is to warn Sudanese civilians of possible attacks that al-Bashir and his army may be planning. As expected, al-Bashir is not pleased with all the camera attention, but Clooney doesn't seem interested in removing his take on the paparazzi anytime soon. He told the Guardian, "I want the war criminal to have the same amount of attention that I get. I think that's fair." Now, that is how to do a humble brag!


3. Geena Davis Is One of The Best Archers in the Country

Actress Geena Davis has starred in multiple horror movies and comedies, as well as the sports classic A League of Their Own. However, Davis discovered her own athletic prowess when she decided to take up archery at age 41. Just two years later, she was a strong contender for the 2000 Olympics.

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She never made it past the trials, but she did receive the title of being the 13th best archer in the United States. The Oscar winner even shows off her archery tricks and comedic talent simultaneously in a video for Funny or Die. Clearly, Davis has got pretty good aim whether she's shooting arrows into targets or America's hearts.


4. Angelina Jolie collects daggers

Angelina Jolie discovered her fascination with daggers as a child, while attending Renaissance fairs with her mother. She received her own set of knives when she was 11 or 12 years old, and from then on continued to add to her collection. According to Jolie, she finds knives to be physically beautiful as well as culturally fascinating. "It reminds you of history, and there's just something beautiful about them and traditional. Each country has different knives and weapons, and that's why I started collecting them." The size and scope of Jolie's collection is unknown, but it supposedly includes valuable pieces such as handmade butterfly knives and William Henry folding knives, some of which are worth over $20,000.

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Jolie insists that the knives are more for collecting purposes than for cutting anything, and she keeps them stored away from her children. However, based on some admissions about her past, knives used to be an accessory in Jolie's bedroom activities. "Early on in my first sexual relationship, I got knives out... it didn't hurt, it was cold, and it felt so primitive, and it felt so honest." I guess Jolie likes more than just a sharp wit in her foreplay.


5. Snoop Dogg is a Licensed Football Coach

Imagine having Snoop Dogg as your football coach... it sounds like a gimmicky contest, but the D-O-double-G actually runs his own Youth Football League Pee Wee Division. He founded the league in 2004 while his son, Corde, was a young football player, and it's only grown larger ever since. Even with a heavy schedule of album releases and concerts, Snoop makes it to every game and almost every Thursday night practice. According to Snoop, "My ultimate message is making these boys classy young gentlemen... as hard as I am on them, as much as I yell at them, I always bring sensibility. And we're a real good team because of it."

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John Ross III, the fastest man in NFL draft history, was a member of Snoop Dogg's All Star League.  According to Ross, Snoop kept his rap persona separate from his coaching persona. Even when the team would come over to his mansion, he would never drink or smoke in front of them and the recording studio was strictly off-limits. "People always ask me what it was like playing for Snoop," Ross says. "I'm telling you, he actually coached. He was at every practice. He called the plays in the huddle." Throw this rapper a bone!


6. Kesha has an IQ of 140 and scored almost near perfect on the SATs

Ke$ha has proven herself to be a badass, especially with the release of her latest album, but it turns out the glittery pop singer may also be a genius. She supposedly has an IQ of 140, which is considered by psychologists to be very superior intelligence. This "fact" about Ke$ha is proclaimed on several different websites across the internet, but never actually backed up by results from a Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, as writer Damien Hospital points out. However, there are other pieces of evidence that point to Ke$ha's high intellect aside from her IQ score.

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Ke$ha revealed her studious side from high school to NPR,  "I was in the international baccalaureate program, I loved physics and math, and I was in the marching band." She would even drive over to Belmont College to sit in on some of their history classes for fun. In an interview with Time, she affirmed the rumor that she received a 1500 (out of 1600) on her SATs. "Yeah. I was all set out for, like, a life of academia," she chortled. She planned to study psychology and religion at Barnard College. Instead, she chose to drop out of high school a month before graduation and pursue her dreams in the music industry. She affirmed that the road has been tough but she doesn't regret her decision to choose music: "I've never looked back." Maybe I should start brushing my teeth with a bottle of Jack, too.


7. Rod Stewart Collects Model Trains

Singer Rod Stewart has dated six professional models, but it seems that his real passion lies with model trains. He builds many of his extensive train sets himself, and developed a habit of taking the modeling pieces and tools with him on tour. After a night of performing, he would wake up early in the morning in his hotel room and get to work constructing. Stewart's most recent 1,500 sq. foot layout takes up almost the entire third floor of his mansion in Beverly Hills. TheRichest.com describes it as "a sprawling layout modelled after Manhattan and Chicago of the late 1940s, complete with buildings, cars, storefronts, characters, and of course the train terminal that housed the Pennsylvania and the New York Central lines".

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Stewart has been on the cover of Model Railroader Magazine twice, and his impressive sets are well-known among the model train community. "I'm proud to be a railway modeler," Stewart said. "It means more to me to be on the cover of Model Railroader than to be on the cover of a music magazine." With a successful career and a fulfilling hobby, Stewart's priorities seem right on track.


8. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a Best-Selling Author

Most people know Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a basketball legend who shattered records playing for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. However, in the past few decades, Abdul-Jabbar has established himself as a prolific writer with several bestsellers and a regular column in Time Magazine. It appears that no genre is off limits for the sports icon; some of his works include histories of forgotten African-American icons, books for children, and...  a reimagining of the life of Sherlock Holmes' brother, Mycroft. The latter was released last year with critical acclaim, and Abdul-Jabbar admits he has been always fascinated by Holmes and his ability to "see clues where other people saw nothing". He even credits Holmes' power of observation for inspiring him to be a more cognizant player on the court.

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This passion for writing didn't come out of nowhere. As a high schooler, Abdul-Jabbar worked as a cub reporter in Harlem and covered Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as story about an off-duty white cop who fatally shot a black teenager. He has since continued to write about race relations in America and was named a global cultural ambassador for the United States in 2012. Despite his retirement, Abdul-Jabbar clearly isn't throwing away his (hook) shot.


9. Vin Diesel Plays Dungeons & Dragons

He's known for playing the toughest characters on the big screen, but Vin Diesel has a nerdy secret hobby: he's actually a huge Dungeons & Dragons fan. He's been playing for over twenty years and wrote the foreword to 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons. Diesel loves sharing his knowledge about the game and even taught Dame Judi Dench to play while on the set of The Chronicles of Riddick, which I'm assuming was the most intense board game experience in history.

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Vin Diesel is very attached to Melkor, his character in the game, and starred in a film that was based entirely around him. Melkor inspired the 2015 film The Witch Hunter, which Cory Goodman wrote after meeting up with Diesel to geek out over D&D. Witch Hunters don't even exist in the original version of the world, according to Diesel. "Just the fact that I'd be playing a witch hunter speaks to how nerdy I was about the game... it was a character that you could get from a third party book of characters called The Arcanum." I may have been a lowly Runescape kid, but it sounds like Vin Diesel REALLY knows his dungeons from his dragons from his demon slayers.