Have you ever cried about something stupid and ultimately inconsequential? Not a loved one's death or devastating personal news, but something like...dropping the last slice of pizza, or a kinda happy musical number from an animated movie while you're on a plane? We've all cried over silly stuff like that, but we don't ever really TALK about it - until now. A thread popped up in r/AskReddit asking people for their best stories about crying over dumb bullshit - and some of this is painfully relatable:

1. onefortysevenone spilled some ketchup - and sometimes that's all it takes to push you over the edge.

I dropped a huge bottle of ketchup in the kitchen.

The thing exploded EVERYWHERE. At the time I had awful flu. I was on my hands and knees cleaning up what looked like a murder scene. Kept finding ketchup for weeks.

2. cardoz0rz spilled a Coke - and we start to see the theme of spilling stuff leads to crying. After all, what are tears but our eyes spilling water? Pretty deep.

Had a rough night. Fought with the girlfriend.

I just wanted a burger and a coke. I dropped the coke when I got out of my car just in front of my front door.

3. CarrotLady recounts a tale of innocence lost, machetes, and pet watermelons.

When I was 6 or 7, I grew an attachment to a watermelon. My dad bought it at a farmer's stand, and for some reason I just thought it was too amazing to be eaten. I decided it should be a new family pet. Even though my young logical brain knew it was ridiculous, some part of me just latched onto the idea of a pet watermelon.

A week or so later my brother chopped it in half with a machete, and I bawled for about 2 hours. I think it's safe to say that was the end of my childhood.

4. MarzipanShibe knows that Neopets was serious business. THE MOST SERIOUS BUSINESS.

I lost all of my money on Neopets due to a random event. I didn't realize that this is what had happened of course. I went onto the forums and said I had been hacked because clearly this is the only explanation I could think of being the early teen (14?) that I was. I was then called a liar and received reply upon reply about how you couldn't get hacked on Neopets and that I needed to stop making up stories.

I fell out of the chair, crawled to the stairs, and sobbed down to my Grandmother who went into a full on panic. She later told me she thought someone had died and I had somehow been the first to find out.

Fuck that stupid sloth character for stealing my money and fuck that stupid avatar I got for the event. It wasn't even a pretty avatar.

5. motherofgecko remembers something that was so impossibly adorable that it made them weep like a baby.

I was in petsmart looking at chinchillas and the pamphlet mentioned these small marble slabs you can put in your freezer to help the chinchilla cool down. They called them chin-chillers and I started bawling

6. Costner_Facts wept for a very good reason - the delivery order forgot a key component. Best case scenario, you wait another 45 minutes to get the stuff that was missing. Worst case scenario, you're too hungry and tired and just eat whatever you do have, even if it isn't quite what you paid for. Aw man.

I was so hungry and tired and grumpy when I opened the takeout bag and the Thai place had forgotten the noodles for my dish. :(

7. Ok-but-why-mister basically saw an IRL Finding Nemo, and that was (justifiably) way too much.

One time I was having a really rough day and then I was walking by a lake when saw a momma duck with only one baby duck and realized all her other babies had died.

I don't even like ducks. Or stranger's babies. It was a weird day.

8. voice_of_craisin was at the end of their rope, when they lost a cheap bottle of vodka. But a cheap bottle of vodka can mean a whole lot sometimes.

I was working a horrible job that was crushing my soul. 12 hour days, 7 days a week at a white shoe law firm. One of the partners was a giant ass and had picked me as a punching bag. Went on for months and I was emotionally drained to the point of snapping. On this day, he basically required me to put together a powerpoint justifying my existence and pretty much made clear that he wanted me gone. I left work and decided I needed several drinks. I realized I had lost my wallet. I had $5 in my pocket and wouldn't have any other cash until the next day. I bought a cheap pint of vodka. As I walked up to my building the bag broke and bottle smashed on the ground. Grown man, bawling on a bench, over a $5 bottle of vodka.

9. simplerthings spilled milk, and knows that it's worth crying over.

I cried over spilled milk as a teenager. I was pouring milk for my cereal on a school day... it was so early and I was so tired that I poured out half the gallon before I realized that my bowl had overflowed out onto the table and floor. My dad had just switched jobs a week before and took a massive pay cut so my parents were making it very aware to us that we needed to do everything we could to cut costs. I just lost it and started bawling while trying to mop it up. I was sobbing, "They work so hard for the money to buy this milk!"

On the way to school I realized that I literally cried over spilled milk and had a laugh.

10. hurricanekytrena experienced a lot of sudden change and realized the comfort of the familiar was gone...I'm pretty sure this is what Catcher in the Rye was about.

My first morning of college, I went to shower and the water was freezing and not warming up so I cried, because I missed the hot showers at home and thought they would be like this all year. But then, the water warmed up so I sobbed some more because I was so thankful

11. peglar's "This isn't my meat" is one of the most weirdly depressing phrases I've ever heard.

The first Christmas without my grandma (she died a week before) I went to the butcher to pick up our beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner. I had placed an order for 4 instead of 5 people. He brought me out a full tenderloin, $270 worth of meat for some other family. I starting sobbing at the butcher, "That isn't my meat." It was awful and hilarious. Poor guy didn't know what happened.

12. panda1901 is the rare example of someone crying both for themselves and for the loss being experienced by someone else...and it's about spilled food, of course. Spilled stuff sucks, guys.

I went to a Vietnamese Restaurant out of town because I'd been dreaming of good pho for weeks and there was a kid sitting a couple tables away from me who just got his bowl of pho and promptly spilled it all over himself and the floor. I hadn't gotten my food yet and I just started bawling out of nowhere because i was so sad to see it wasted when I wanted some so bad.