We learn from a young age to share - "Sharing is caring!" after all. Except, uh, not always. Sometimes there are things in your life that you really, really shouldn't be sharing with others - stuff about your sex life, drugs, and your internet search history. These are things the people in your life are just better off staying in the dark over, right?

Except for the people in this r/AskReddit thread - who accidentally shared way too much and are still reeling from the experience:

1. Can you imagine the worst case scenario for stuff your parents could find in your old room? isladecuba has lived through it:

I'm almost 30, but not fully settled anywhere yet, so a lot of my belongings are at my dad and stepmom's house, which I still consider my permanent address. My closet in my old room needed organizing, which I guess my dad took it upon himself to do. Last time I was home, I saw that he had hammered a couple of hooks into the inside wall of my closet and hung up three things: a baseball hat, an umbrella...and a royal blue, silver-studded, velvet paddle that I liked an ex-boyfriend to spank me with. There's no way my dad didn't know what it was. I think he hung it up to quietly embarrass me. It worked. MORTIFYING.

2. You need to be careful on Facebook. Or, at least careful enough to not upload a dick pic as your profile picture. The mother of irchey was not careful:

Not me but my mom. When she first got onto facebook, she went to upload a profile picture. She brought up the folder, was scrolling through, found something weird and double clicked it to make it bigger and see what it was. Instead of making it bigger, it just immediately uploaded to Facebook. it was a picture of my dad's dick. She went into panic mode and couldn't figure out how to delete it for a few minutes. She has no idea if anyone saw. And has never told my dad it happened hahaha.

3. There are a lot of things that can traumatize a child. Finding your older brother's used condom is one of those, as puppy2010 will admit:

I accidentally left a condom wrapper in the back seat of my car when I was about 17 or 18 and my sister (who was 13 at the time) found it. She never wanted to sit in the back of that car after that.


I did yard work for my grandparents and went swimming on their their property. While I was swimming, unbeknownsted to me, my grandmother did my laundry.
The horror.
I entered their house through the utility room, off the garage. Lain out on the dryer were my clothes, loving folded. Next to my clothes were the contents of my pockets: wallet with wallet chain (it was the '90s), some loose change, and a BLOWN OUT CONDOM! I had sex with my gf earlier that day and didn't want to throw it in the trash at her house to avoid her parents' suspicion. I forgot that it was in my back pocket. Anyways, the condom was lovingly "cleaned" and flattened out neatly with my other possessions.

5. Please keep your Christmas planning group chats safe from JO vids, says toomuchhamza:

Not me, but one of my best friends. He meant to send a video to this guy he had been seeing for a bit. A video of him jerking off. Instead of this guy, he sent it to our group chat planning Christmas. A white Christmas for all, they say.

6. Hm, well, pm_cute_butts might have gotten their mother in trouble for some child pornography misunderstandings:

When I was a teenager I wanted to see naked pictures of girls my age. My mom worked at the police department and had some friends from work over who looked at my browsing history. I found out that day why that wasn't a good thing to be searching for on the internet.

7. Technology has made our lives more complicated - but it has also made the life of Caruthers something closer to Kafka-esque:

Oh man....one time between semesters of college, I was watching a movie with my family while on my phone. We were watching a totally-not-pirated-no-sir-ree-bob movie off a USB stick on a Roku. This was around when Rokus/streaming devices first came out, so first-gen.

Well, during the movie, a FWB texts me. Casual flirting proceeds. I'm paying less attention to the movie and more toward our "conversation". He sends me a dick pic--yeah, shameless college sex stage--and I open it. When I do, I notice this weird icon with a TV and some arced lines. I'd never seen it before.

So naturally, I press the icon, not even thinking.

And my family gets a nice ol' dick broadcast to the TV.

I'd like to think, because no one understood technology better than me, and I was clearly lacking myself, my on-the-spot explanation that a hacker must have put the picture in the movie as a prank, like in Fight Club, was a pretty damn good save.

But I'm sure the beet-redness of my face and stammering betrayed my slutiness.

8. The mystery of who accidentally saw him and his girlfriend having sex will forever haunt Pancake_Hands:

Horny girlfriend and I in high school used my family computer to film us having sex. Starting cleaning up and forgot about it. A day or so later I brought it up so we rushed to delete the video and it had already been deleted. Someone in my family saw me dicking my now wife. It's one of those things that keep you up at night.

9. Just play it safe and stop texting your genitals. Seriously - reillymccoy can attest:

In high school I sent a mass text telling friends and family happy Valentine's Day. My now husband, good friend at the time, didn't realize it was a mass text and replied "happy Valentine's Day, sexy mama" with a dick pic attached. Just being funny like usual. My grandpa, uncle, and aunt didn't find it as funny at the time. Haha

10. JourneyOfFools showed their mother a sight she would never forget:

Finally can share this shameful act, when I was 16 my room was in the open basement of my parents home. Just walk down the stairs make a left and my bed would be directly in front of you. At the time I was regularly having sex with my girlfriend and for the most part we kept things under the sheets to avoid a walk in being totally obvious.

So one day no one's home and we get started on top the sheets, we're both completely naked and she's on top of me with her ass and my dick and balls facing the only way into my room. She's bent forward ass spread with my hands grabbing it everything graphically being shown to any unfortunate family member who walks in. Well unfortunately my poor mother got home quietly and we didn't hear her. She came down stairs so quiet that I barely heard anything. I was so focused on what I was doing that I just barely caught something out of the corner of my eye and it was gone. We kept going finished and eventually got dressed. When we went to leave my mother was in the kitchen making dinner and she couldn't make eye contact with either of us. At the time we didn't know what had happened and were in great after sex moods. I quickly figured out what I had seen out of the corner of my eye and felt terrible for what my mother had seen. She got basically the most disgusting view she could have ever got and wasn't her self with us for two weeks.

After that she announced her presence loudly multiple times making sure she got a response before turning the corner. I cannot imagine the horror that must have caused her it's basically somthing we never want to see or think about and to this day I feel terrible about it.

11. ...and Alexxm's mother showed everyone in her life something THEY would never forget:

My mum once shared a link to a midget porn site on facebook with a post of just Oh Yes

12. Honestly, MomB00Bs deserves credit for accidentally drugging their parents and secretly chilling them out for a while:

Weed brownies. My parents were going out of town for the weekend. I baked them Friday night and was goinging to share with friends Saturday. Well plans changed. We ended up going up north for a few days for my friends cabin. I completely forgot about them.

My parents got home Sunday night. I didnt get home until Wednesday. Turned out my mom had 1 but my dad had 3. They tripped balls all night. My mom was pissed. My dad later asked me for the recipe, haha